Hot & Best: Companions, Avengers, sexy SF swimwear & more!

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Dec 16, 2012

There ain't nothing that's not sizzling about this week's installment of Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Here we have a collection of stories with which you may chill: a smoking-hot new Who companion, a line of superhero swimwear that will give you the steamin' undies, a sweaty Spidey in 'Nam, spicy and blue SF language, and ... elderly sci-fi villains, likely to complain about being cold. Click now for the new hotness!

Our story: 1st official pic of Doctor Who's new companion (and a TARDIS)

Your best comment: I'm betting the Doctor says "Sweaters are cool." — redm

Our story: 10 dramatic new pics of the Avengers who'll kick Loki's butt

Your best comment: The one thing I'd like to know is which Hulk time frame are they using. The Hulk events from the firat movie or the second movie. I liked the Hulk from the first movie and I liked Ed Norton as Bruce Banner better. — growger

Our story: See the 19 creepiest monster insects from TV and film

Your best comment: I don't think Mothra falls into the creepy category, but more the big, huggable fuzzy category. — MrSarcastic

Our story: 9 new Dark Shadows posters feature cool cars, coffins and cleavage

Your best comment: I can not explain my disappointment in how our beloved "Dark Shadows" has been handled by Burton. After years of anticipation for the movie, the trailer maded my heart drop when I saw it previewed at the "Hunger Games" opening.Bummer!!! — Lonnie

Our story: Everything we know about groundbreaking new Syfy series Defiance

Your best comment: What "gaping hole in the "epic sci-fi" category"??? We have FRINGE!

O'Bannon gives me hope about this one. But SyFy and Murphy not so much. We'll see. — rogue noir

Our story: Visit the set of The Avengers in 6 new behind-the-scenes pics

Your best comment: Joss Whedon has the best job ever. That fourth pic of him with Cap's shield is every comic book loving kids dream. — Jealous

Our story: Brilliant 'What If' comic imagines a Spider-Man who fought in 'Nam

Your best comment: I remember the realities of the draft, and how important the annual drawings were. That Parker wasn't involved in the process was a solid indicator that he wasn't in the real world. This would have been a great story for about 1971, and these sample pages look like a powerful story about the man behind the mask.

I'm with Marc. This is a comic I'd pay to read. — BaronElric

Our story: 6 sci-fi and fantasy blockbusters reborn as 8-bit movie posters

Your best comment: I've never seen so many texture swaps of Mega Man. — Jonathan

Our story: Vader, Freddy and 4 more villains recast as creepy senior citizens

Your best comment: Okay from now on I'm never letting my next door neighbor out of my sight. He looks like old zachary ouinto and his eyebrows are SUPER freaky! — Jen Luwies

Our story: 1st set pics of a very different Dinah from The CW's Arrow

Your best comment: Why so serious?

I hope that's a scene of grave importance. Otherwise you'd think those two didn't like each other.

I'm a sucker for superhero tv so I'll be watching but the only way I can imagine this series from the info we've been given is a sort of 'Nikita-bloke with a bow' the tv series.

And in a strange way that makes me need to see this even more. Because it couldn't possibly be like that, right..? — DINGbat

Our story: Awesome artist draws 7 Star Wars illustrations without lifting his pen

Your best comment: Big deal. I knew a guy who wrote his name in the snow without lifting his...never mind. — Manos

Our story: See DC Comics' hot line of geeky undergarments and superhero swimwear

Your best comment: I just wanted to say thank you Blastr for including half naked guys in this post. I can only speak for myself but as a straight female geek, it gets a little annoying seeing all of the half naked girls in geeky cloths. I understand that there are a lot of readers out there who do enjoy looking at half naked girls in geeky clothing. Personally, I'm not that impressed, I take a shower with the same bits as these ladies and it just doesn't interest me. It is a nice change to have the half naked guys for your straight girl, gay and omni readers out there. — Beth

Our story: Shazbot! Check out 14 frakkin' awesome sci-fi curse words

Your best comment: The Klingon Empire has been insulted by the dishonorable p'tak who forgot to include the rich tradition of Klingon swears in this article. This we do not forgive... or forget... — Gowron