Hot & Best: Golden Era mags, pulp posters, The Hobbit & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

On this Cinco de Mayo, we have the Hottest Stories and Best Comments (picante!) from the last week: Game of Thrones paintings, Avengers' sequel, Golden Era magazine covers & pulpy SF travel posters and ... the net worth of some of sci-fi's richest characters. (These are definitely in the 1 percent!) Oh yeah, and Peter Jackson discusses The Hobbit's critics.

Our story: 12 Golden Era magazine covers starring comics' brightest stars

Your best comment: The Wonder Woman pose...classic!
Marilyn Monroe on the first cover of Playboy couldn't have done it better!
— Karma

Our story: 11 lush and lovely Game of Thrones character paintings to behold

Your best comment: Given the show, I'm surprised there aren't any nude paintings :) — P K

Our story: Ant-Man + 11 other Avengers Marvel should assemble for the sequel

Your best comment: The Scarlet Witch and Ms. Marvel please. With only one lady on the team, it's currently a bit of a sausage fest. Not that I'm not looking forward to the movie (my husband and I have advanced tickets for tonight), but I'd like to see more female heroes. — Someone

Our story: Concept art reveals the Cronenberg Total Recall that almost was

Your best comment: This version also seems to have missed the big final twist in the original story. PKD's rather short story never leaves the Rekall office, and definitely never goes to Mars. I was about to spoil the twist, but I'll refrain, in the hopes that Len Wiseman is using it. I read his movie won't go to Mars at all. — Andrew VH

Our story: Gallery of 9 pulpy sci-fi travel posters to inspire galactic dreams

Your best comment: Judging by the color of the atmosphere in Uranus, it doesn't take long for us to imagine how the planet actually smells like. — Glenbw

Our story: CONFIRMED: Benedict Cumberbatch is [redacted] in Star Trek 2!

Your best comment: People, I think we're losing sight of the real question here: does Chris Pine get to grit his teeth and scream, "KHAAAAAAANN!!" ? — Andy

Our story: Ginormous new graphic novel Anomaly is Star Wars-meets-LOTR

Your best comment: Written by a Hollywood lawyer, you say? Wow, that really gets the blood flowing ;) — Happy Harry

Our story: There was a Cosmic Cube easter egg in Iron Man 2--did you see it?

Your best comment: Looked like a common drawing of a tesseract (especially since the previous page shows a line, square, cube progression. Didn't take it for the Cosmic Cube then and I'm still not sure I do now. Someone may have said "draw a cube" to imply the Cosmic Cube, but I don't necessarily think what actually got drawn really seemed to relate in my mind, but whatever. — Clyde M

Our story: Forbes reveals which sci-fi character is richer than Tony Stark

Your best comment: Looks like Tywin Lannister needs to get some fiber in his diet to make his way up the list. — Adam

Our story: Ruffalo is signed on for HOW MANY Marvel films as The Hulk?

Your best comment: "The Hulk's image conveys a message about channeling strength to overcome workplace challenges."


Today's CAPTCHA: "turrets, ktiesont". Amen to that. — macmikey

Our story: Here are the 3 superheroes Stan Lee wants on the big screen next

Your best comment: One word: Hong Kong Phooey reboot. — Eric Wilbanks

Our story: Peter Jackson strikes back at The Hobbit criticism

Your best comment: Yet another tempest in a teapot, the net effect of which will to be cost us an IQ point or two. — down2muchalready