Hot SF bodies, urban legends, more TNG, filthy Wonka & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

As summer rolls out, the Hottest Stories and Best Comments heats up with sizzling sci-fi bodies in swimsuits and bikinis, false urban legends, more Star Trek: The Next Generation, new Batman posters, some good Prometheus science (and some bad), the secret behind Wonka's filthly "snozzberries," our love of The Thing, and why Number One (Riker, dontchaknow?) looks so unhappy. Engage!

Our story: Celebrate summer with 31 pics of sci-fi's biggest stars in swimsuits

Your best comment: The picture of Emma Watson is a little alarming. It looks like "she-male" porn. — Melly

Our story: 17 great quotes from Roger Ebert reviews of classic sci-fi movies

Your best comment: Left out "Dark City," which he does a commentary track for because he was so jazzed about it. "If it is true, as the German director Werner Herzog believes, that we live in an age starved of new images, then ``Dark City'' is a film to nourish us. Not a story so much as an experience, it is a triumph of art direction, set design, cinematography, special effects--and imagination." — Patrick

Our story: Han Solo + 10 more sad action figures begging for spare change

Your best comment: He could be stating that he has found a hidden short cut and that the Kessel run is normally 12 parsecs he can do it in less and therefore reduce time and risk for that journey. Also showing how wise he is in the ways of space travel.

A stretch I know, but it helps me ignore that fault when watching the movie. — J D Stagpump

Our story: 15 sci-fi movie and TV urban legends which turn out to be false

Your best comment: My parents still have the first Little Mermaid VHS they bought us kids and that is no knee coming out of the minister's robe. — tekkblade

Our story: 15 times Richard Nixon popped up in sci-fi movies, comics and TV

Your best comment: Best appearance IMHO: the fight scene between Nixon and Black Dynamite. — mknopp1701

Our story: That sunken Millennium Falcon mystery solved! It's a--

Your best comment: The Millenium Fungus! I feel like having a salad now. — Kato

Our story: Hoping for new Star Trek: TNG? Then you're about to get your wish

Your best comment: David Mack's "Destiny" series of books gave a logical conclusion to the Borg saga. Anything else other than a television or theatrical canon tale is purely subpar and bottom line-ish. Spend your money elsewhere. — J

Our story: 5 new TDKR posters show off Bane and Batman in epic detail

Your best comment: Batman's fighting poses looks like the moves I used playing Ryu in Street Fighter. — Lord of the Blings

Our story: Astronomer uncovers the good, bad and WTF science of Prometheus

Your best comment: As a reader of this site and science fiction geek, I was looking forward to seeing this movie. But, WTF!! I keep reading so much about this movie that I don't want to see it now. Haven't heard this much about a movie since Star Wars ep 1. I don't know if I should be thanking or cursing. I guess I'll wait for the DVD. — Amoeba23

Our story: Little-known sci-fi fact: The incredibly filthy joke hidden in Willy Wonka

Your best comment: Apparently snozberries first showed up in the Dahl book Some Time Never published in 1948. They were a round white fruit, about the size of a currant, that Gremlins ate. Looks like snozberries may have been a running joke of his. — Charles Widmore

Our story: 10 reasons we still love John Carpenter's The Thing 30 years later

Your best comment: OMG, that two note echoed bass guitar figure is scary by itself. Like some sort of weird heartbeat.

The movie is so paranoid and claustrophobic. It combines HP Lovecraft (The Thing is basically a Shoggoth) and PK D!ck's unreality (decades before PKD wrote anything, it was written in '38, and other than changing around character traits, it's a pretty close version to JW Campbell's original story). "I know who I am, but I can't be sure of anyone else. Wait, Do I know I'm who I think I am?" The movie feels so real, you want to look into failed arctic expeditions.

I can't begin to count the number of times I've watched this movie. Still scares the p!ss out of me. — Andrew VH

Our story: Huh? Batman comics reveal Bruce Wayne has a secret [REDACTED]!

Your best comment: DC has been selling well lately because they rebooted their entire universe. It was the biggest event in the history of comics, so the numbers hardly mirror the quality of the stories. Two years from now DC will be back to their old numbers and will have wiped out their continuity for no reason. — ohioudave

Our story: Why Jonathan Frakes wasn't having fun in the early seasons of TNG

Your best comment: Any TNG fan knows that the real truth was that Riker's beard gave him his power. — Ben