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Hotel Artemis checks into a nihilistic future: Watch the first trailer

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Apr 16, 2018, 1:22 PM EDT

In heist movies, the criminals always need a safe house in which to lie low after a big job when the fuzz are hot on their heels. If one of their number is shot or injured in some way, the other members of the group either have to let them die or find some shady doctor who'll patch them up, no questions asked. But what if every felon went to the same doctor, whose entire livelihood revolved around treating lawbreakers?

That's the premise of Hotel Artemis, an upcoming futuristic thriller about a woman called "Nurse" (Jodie Foster), who runs the titular hotel that caters solely to the bad guys. It sounds like it could be the plot of a dark graphic novel from Vertigo, Dark Horse, or Image, but it's actually a totally original idea from writer-director Drew Pearce (co-writer on Iron Man 3 and writer-director of Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King).

The movie is set in a riot-filled, crime-ridden Los Angeles circa 2028, with Foster leading an all-star ensemble that includes Sterling K. Brown (Black Panther), Charlie Day (Pacific Rim: Uprising), Sofia Boutella (The Mummy), Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), Dave Bautista (Avengers: Infinity War), Jenny Slate (Venom), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek: Beyond), and Brian Tyree Henry (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse).

Artemis was the name for the Greek goddess of the hunt, it might be a reference to the fact that Brown's character, Waikiki, and his partner Honolulu (Henry) are hunted by a crime leader after they score a portable vault in a recent heist. While in the hotel, however, they can't be harmed because Nurse has three simple rules for those who visit the place: no guns, no cops, and no killing of other patients. 

Watching the trailer, the film looks like it'll be a mix of classic crime and thriller elements mixed with a bit of dark humor, given the nihilistic view of the future Pearce is clearly going for. With such a phenomenal cast and an interesting concept, this should be one fun time at the movies this summer. 

Hotel Artemis makes a reservation in theaters June 8. Check out three images from the film below.