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Hotel Artemis gets bloody in new red band trailer

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May 23, 2018, 1:43 PM EDT

The first trailer for Hotel Artemis highlighted the heist film’s insanely stacked cast (featuring genre stars and A-listers as diverse and storied as Jodie Foster, Charlie Day, Jeff Goldblum, and Dave Bautista — among countless others) as it built the world of a crime-ridden and futuristic Los Angeles. The only safe haven for baddies? The hotel, run by the enigmatic Nurse (Foster).

Now writer-director Drew Pearce’s film has a new trailer as fiendishly delightful as his premise, with a red band trailer that lifts any censorship of the R-rated movie’s violence and profanity. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the underworld flavor the film is hawking.

Check it out in all its (NSFW) glory, folks:

Some choice one-liners (“it’s raining a******* in here”) complement some of the destruction, while Bautista’s “healthcare professional” in particular stands out for delivering the deadpan we’ve come to love from the actor in the Marvel Universe, where he offers hyperliteral hilarity as Drax the Destroyer. Foster’s fed up with rule-breaking, shooting, and Jeff Goldblum’s nickname (The Wolf King), while everyone else is trying to kill or bed each other. Sometimes both in the same scene.

There're also a few new literary-inspired posters to accompany the trailer, which you can see below:

Jeff Goldblum Hotel Artemis Poster

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Hotel Artemis poster Dave Bautista

Source: Global Road Entertainment

The John Wick-style action-packed underworld meets a dystopia similar to The Purge films, with plenty of oddball mythology and anti-heroes to go around as one group of bad guys chases another around and around the secretive hospital.

Prepare to go all the way to hell in a handbasket when Hotel Artemis hits theaters on June 8.