Hotel Artemis retro posters

Hotel Artemis goes retro with new character posters and '70s style trailer

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May 31, 2018, 10:25 PM EDT

In just over a week, director Drew Pearce’s Hotel Artemis will check into movie theaters across the country. But unlike many of the big summer blockbusters, Hotel Artemis doesn’t boast a roster of familiar characters. Instead, the movie appears to be betting on its impressive cast, which is headlined by Jodie Foster in her first starring role since 2013.

Within the world of the film, the Hotel Artemis is secretly a hospital for criminals. It may sound a little John Wick, but the story is also set in a near future version of Los Angeles where society is very quickly circling the drain. So far, the previous trailers for Hotel Artemis have only offered a taste of the characters and the world they inhabit. But now, there’s a throwback trailer for the movie that gives each of the major players a proper introduction.

As noted by Slash Film, the new trailer is very similar to the one created for Nashville, a film from 1975 that also starred Jeff Goldblum. In Hotel Artemis, Goldblum is playing Niagara, an underworld figure who is better known as the Wolf King. Zachary Quinto is portraying Niagara’s son, Crosby; while Sofia Boutella is Nice, a contract killer.

Foster’s Jean Thomas is one of the main characters of this tale. She plays a nurse who runs the Hotel Artemis, and is desperately trying to save the life of Morgan (Jenny Slate), an injured police officer. Dave Bautista is portraying Everest, an orderly in the hospital and Jean’s right-hand man.

Rounding out the cast are Charlie Day as Acapulco, the arms dealer; Sterling K. Brown as a bank robber named Waikiki; and Brian Tyree Henry as the jewel thief, Honolulu. Each of the main cast members has been given a retro style poster too, which you can see in our gallery below.

Hotel Artemis will be released on Friday, June 8.