Hottest & Best: Cap casts a hottie, comics reign (and sue) & more

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Feb 10, 2013, 4:47 PM EST (Updated)

This week is full of comic updates and suits (both law and super), Hulk-y conjecture, hotty Cap-casting news, and (alas!) shows we may never get to see.

Our story: What's Adam Baldwin's one worry about bringing back Firefly?
Your comment: Just set these stories between the last episode and the movie. Done. We'd all love to see these "lost stories." You could even do flash-forwards to episodes that happened after the movie. Jumping all over from pre- to post-movie episodes sounds like it opens up all kinds of story-telling awesome. You're all welcome. --AlarmedCitizen

Our story: Did Cumberbatch's identity in Star Trek 2 just get spoiled?
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I think I understand what JJ is doing, if this is Khan, if that rumor shot of the warp core is to be believed. This movie may be driving home the point Old Spock made at the end of last one: that there are certain things which MUST happen between Kirk and Spock to "ensure the future" or however he put it, like Kirk becoming the Captain and that rivalry turning into friendship from the first movie. So this might be that. --Peter Burgess

Our story: Captain America 2 casts female lead with a taste for revenge
Your comment: "But we assume Sharon Carter, the niece of Peggy". That would mean that Emily Van Camp will be playing a 40-50 year old woman. You know what they say about 'assuming'. I'm still holding out for her being a female super hero like Captain Marvel. --Matthew Markovich

Our story: Development Hell: 11 TV shows we're probably not gonna see this fall
Your comment: In what alternate universe is Arrow a "monster hit"? It has done well enough for a CW show, but it hasn't out-paced that network's Vampire Diaries and it's actually starting to lose some steam this mid-season. Should still make it to a second season, but I would be hard-pressed to call it a "monster hit". --CancelledSciFi

Our story: Catch up with all 16 awesome sci-fi ads from last night's Super Bowl
Your comment: To: Lone Ranger and Tonto
Kirk and Spock called from Stat Trek IV. They want their schtick back. --Phil Capps

Our story: Rumor of the Day: Marvel's big movie plans for the Hulk revealed
Your comment: I honestly think it would be plausible for the Hulk to get launched into space at the end of Avengers 2 - especially if Thanos is the bad guy and the Guardians of the Galaxy are involved. I personally would love to see a Planet Hulk movie. However, they won't do World War Hulk, because everyone would dislike it if one of the favorites from the Avengers became the villain in the third movie. --BigHowie8

Our story: Image of the Day: Why J.J. Abrams really decided to direct Star Wars
Your comment: Where was this Obi-Wan for the prequels? "George, you will not break the hearts of millions of devoted fans by making a six-hour, poorly acted, toy commercial." --Bob Antinone

Our story: Marvel and DC sue small publisher over using the word superhero
Your comment: I wonder if DC will want to sue Washington for copyright infringement and Marvel will want to sue the european company that make skimmed milk called Marvel. Theres a point when it just all gets ridiculous and they've reached it. --Roo Woods

Our story: Marvel exec responds to Iron Man/Guardians of the Galaxy rumor
Your comment: I get your reticence, but to me that seems a little like saying you didn't like one crime thriller, therefore the chances of a different crime film being bad is just as high. These are different characters with different powers, from different companies written, produced and directed by different people. The only similarity is that they are cosmic characters. I personally am slightly optimistic because I am a fan of the director (although I am well aware that he is not to everyone's tastes). --tsplinter2000

Our story: Fox exec slams Justice League as 'excellent way of losing $200 million'
Your comment: Sounds like a high-school pep rally speech - particularly the quote about Flash's "door handles" ... traditionally, Captain America always had very similar "door handles." But, in short: "DC’s slate is "too old" and doesn’t translate that well to the big screen, with super speed, green plasma powers and underwater super powers" - right. Because weather control, red eye lasers and stretch-like-rubber super powers are so much more realistic. --W Michael Smith