Hottest & Best: Firefly lives (maybe), J.J. directs (everything) & more

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Feb 4, 2013, 9:41 AM EST (Updated)

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments brought its A game: Firefly may not be dead; Marvel announces MORE hero flicks; Star Wars and J.J. and Star Trek and more J.J.; WW and Supes get freaky; BSG confuses a cast member; Potter actors goes to Who; and ... Knights of Badassdom. (Still waiting on that one.)

Our story: Stay strong, Browncoats! Whedon STILL hasn't given up on Firefly

Your comment: When joss calls assemble, it's not just the avengers who'll show. --Dhalsim Kerala

Our story: Marvel announces 2 more heroes who'll be getting their own movies

Your comment: Marvel character most in need of film redemption (at least give him a cameo): Howard the Duck. --CJ

Our story: Star Wars Ep. I actor explains why he and Lucas 'didn't get on at all'

Your comment: "I said, 'Where's Natalie?' And George says, 'That's Natalie,' and points to a bit of paper on the wall."
This is REALLY emblematic of everything people have been saying was wrong about Star Wars for over a decade. I'm sure excited to see how the new ones will turn out now that this isn't how they're going to be made! --Tekrelm

Our story: Looks like Superman and Wonder Woman are more than just kissing now

Your comment: "Is it just me or does WW have huge man-hands?" addition to the captions refering to Wonder Woman as Superman's lover, they also refer to Wonder Woman as PRINCE Diana. Sooooo...with the man-hands thing going on, PRINCE Diana, and a collar strategically placed where it could possibly be concealing an "Adam's Apple"...there might actually be something going on with the new 52 we all never guessed!! --Dean Peterson

Our story: BSG's James Callis as baffled as we were by Ron Moore's finale

Your comment: Redemption absolutely was a big part of the series and specifically the finale. At least from how I took it. I absolutely loved just about everything the finale had to offer, thought it was pretty much a perfect end to an amazing show! -340520

Our story: Why a Return of the Jedi Star Wars toy is being attacked as racist

Your comment: I (being mostly Sicilian) find the suggestion that gangsters can be mean to be racist. Sarcasm. --edgecrusherr160

Our story: 21 awesome Twitter reactions to the Abrams Star Wars 7 announcement

Your comment: Absolutely right! What has J.J. Abrams done that was new? Well besides Alias. And Lost. And Fringe. And Cloverfield. And Super 8. And Alcatraz. And Revolution. And... -Ricardo Alleyne

Our story: Here's how Kathleen Kennedy convinced Abrams to do Star Wars VII

Your comment: I just personally don't like the idea of having to "convince" a director to do the movie. I'd much rather have a good director who loves the franchise and is "dying" to make a great movie. J.J. says he has other projects and didn't want to be rushed in making this film....he still has those projects, so that means there is still a possibility that he will have to rush this one at some point, and I just don't like that. --Fzoul Cmbyl

Our story: Yet another 1st Class star might not be in Days of Future Past

Your comment: I don't care. I just hope they have kitty pryde as the one travelling back in time. That's how it was in the comic. -JLF2033

Our story: Thrones + Firefly stars kick ass in 1st Knights of Badassdom trailer

 Your comment: I want to see this! I asked Danny Pudi (via Twitter) a few months back if he knew when it was being released. At the time, he didn't. But I sure hope this sees the light of day... or the dark of a theater. --mydlands

Our story: Potter actor signs on to play 1st Doctor in Who 50th special

Your comment: He was (is?) Walder Frey on Game of Thrones - talk about type casting as mean SOBs. --VillageVideot