Hottest & Best: Real-life Iron Man, J.J. joins Star Wars & more!

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Jan 26, 2013, 6:17 PM EST (Updated)

This week we navigate the new site and discover freaky horror icon cartoon fan art, find R2-D2 and Mickey's cameos, consider J.J. Abrams for the next Star Wars, cheer for Ron Moore's return to Syfy, and put on our safety goggles when tinkering with some real-life Iron Man tech.

Our story: Freddy + 5 more horror icons come alive in freaky cartoon fan art
Your best comment: Great drawings but I'm not sure Edward belongs in that group. --David Christensen

Our story: Image of the Day: R2-D2's cameo in Spielberg's Close Encounters
Your best comment: My favourite 'cameo' was the Millennium Falcon being stood up and used as a building in the background of the Blade Runner city skyline. I recall reading it was done for speed/cost reasons rather than anyone trying to be clever, but it's still nice to see. --Charles Verrier

Our story: Whoa! J.J. Abrams is directing Star Wars Episode VII!
Your best comment: If he lays a finger on Babylon 5 I'll toss him out an airlock myself.--Justin Smith

Our story: Fringe cast breaks down the insane plot twist they all hated most
Your best comment: I'd rather watch a show that swings for the fences and misses than a show that plays it safe. --David Gray

Our story: Little-known sci-fi fact: Mickey Mouse in Empire Strikes Back?
Your best comment: Eh I see it. All I can say about it all these years later is. So what? It's not really clever is it? --Alustair Grey

Our story: Arrow star sinks her teeth into NBC's sexy new Dracula series
Your best comment: I like the short to the point episodes...Filler just kills me...and not the undead cool kind of kill either. Many of the shows on TV with Big stories would be better told in one season. Much the 24. Bring it back but end that particular story THAT year. Lost cured me of any long term investments that may or may not pay off or even last till finish. --Patrick Ireland

Our story: Holy Frak! Ron Moore may return to Syfy with brand-new series
Your best comment: Sounds like The Thing and a specific episode of Stargate SG1. I'll still watch, of course. His last two significant series attempts outside of BSG stuff both never got picked up. Virtuality got dumped as a tv movie; 17th Precinct never even aired. --HanBluegrass

Our story: Syfy decides not to renew Alphas for 3rd season
Your best comment: This is the most depressing thing i've read in some time. --Maksim Charcenko

Our story: Image of the day: What really happened when Luke got his lightsaber
Your best comment: The force is strong with this... Oh, shi... (ahem) Never mind. --TrollStomper01

Our story: OMG! Iron Man fan makes working gauntlet armor that shoots lasers!
Your best comment: 1.2W Blue LASER should be handled with kid gloves. At close range they can be a bit dangerous. --Anonymous


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