Hottest & Best: Slave Leia stuns, DC Comics kills and more

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Feb 24, 2013, 12:25 PM EST

Welcome to another week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments! Below you'll find a long-lost pic of Slave Leia, another (?!) death in the Batman family, Singer's X-Men corrections, great SF mysteries that pooped out ... and the most horrifying Jabba cosplay you'll ever witness. (Consider yourself warned.)

Our story: Image of the day: Long-lost pic of Carrie Fisher as Slave Leia

Your comment: Its from the July 1983 Rolling Stones covershoot. Yes, it is actually Carrie FIsher. --Tj Van Der Werf

Our story: How could old Luke appear in Star Wars VII? Mark Hamill explains

Your comment: Just as Joss Whedon didn't make the decision he is attacked for in Avengers, JJ will not be the one making the decision about the Expanded Universe stories. He'll have some control, but he's just directing one film. There are other people writing the sequels, and Lucas Films and Disney will be calling the shots on their franchise.

The grand time line from George Lucas stops with Jedi. He does not consider any of the books, games, or comics as canon. He has said as much in interviews. (Google "George Lucas" and "Expanded Universe") There are 6 movies in his timeline, plus his thoughts/notes. He allowed the EU to exist and use his setting, but he doesn't consider it part of his story. Disney could go the other way, but it's more likely they'll take his ideas for sequels and work from those. --HanBluegrass

Our story: 11 big sci-fi TV mysteries that just didn't live up to the hype

Your comment: The Reavers' reveal was one of the best "Didn't see that coming" moments in the Firefly/Serenity story. "Crazy" is always a horrible justification for villains. That they were caused by the Alliance as a plot to pacify the populous underscored a lot of what Whedon was saying in this series. Total control on one side, total chaos on the other... and it's the same coin. Let down? Hardly. --MattMooreWrites

Our story: Is DC about to kill off one of Batman's most important sidekicks?

Your comment: Seems that Robin has become DC's favorite Red Shirt sacrifice to tell a story when their writers dry up. --Brian White

Our story: Our 3 guesses what Singer meant when he said he'd 'correct' X-Men

Your comment: I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Juggernaut not being CGI in the Last Stand. Vinnie Jones looked utterly ridiculous in the movie as the Juggernaut. You just can't have a normal human being portray a character who is supposed to be 7 ft tall and 900 lbs. The Avengers proves that you can make a really convincing CGI main character in the Hulk. X-Men needs to take their cue from the Avengers if they plan on having Juggernaut make an appearance again, which I hope they do. Every movie needs a big guy. --Geoff Allen

Our story: Riddick director reveals original plan if Chronicles hadn't bombed

Your comment: The best movies are the small budget ones. Because you can't afford to screw it up with whimsical plot lines and over the top effects. I hope they stick with the bare bones story telling. --Sean Casey

Our story: Image of the Day: Most WTF Jabba and Slave Leia cosplay ever

Your comment: In a little known Star Wars fact, as shown Princess Leah received several awful prison tattoos while awaiting rescue on the first Death Star... --iamchipg

Our story: Here's the latest from Bryan Singer on that Battlestar movie

Your comment: So will Richard Hatch not have a cameo in the movie that won't be made, then? --Kai Price

Our story: Harry Potter star suits up as a superhero in new CBS series

Your comment: I was half-way to a Liz-Lemon-sized eyeroll, but then they said the magic words: Created by Greg Garcia. I'm a huge fan of both My Name is Earl (gone before its time) and Raising Hope, so I'll give this a shot. --Cristian Gurau

Our story: 1st look at Potter star as the First Doctor in that Who 50th special

Your comment: That's not JUST an episode of "The Radio Times" -- that's the first issue to feature "Doctor Who" on the cover, publicizing "Marco Polo", the series' fourth story (and the earliest story that's now totally missing). Bradley and Manville sure do look the parts! I am very much looking forward to this! (If it goes very well, maybe the cast can then recreate the missing stories?) --Eric Gjovaag

Our story: 11 sci-fi films you don't think of as romantic (but surprisingly are)

Your comment: I think someone is forgetting the Alien franchise, the tale of a socially awkward xenomorph just looking for someone to start a family with/in. --Marc Greene