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Jun 26, 2015, 1:23 PM EDT

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. (Our most-read new story of the week? The video of the weird roles Lost's actors had before they became stars.) Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: 15 weird roles Lost's actors had before they became stars

Your best comment:Josh Holloway also appeared in the very first episode of Angel as a vampire. Angel also featured fellow Lost castmate Daniel Dae Kim as an evil lawyer who appeared in many episodes of the show. He was a minor villain, but he got a decent amount of screentime.—Geek.tastic

Our story: What's this? A virtual tour of Tim Burton's weird, wonderful art

Your best comment: Over full of Skeletons? That's like saying Brian Froud's work has too many goblins and faeries in it.—Mandy

Our story: Check out 20 awesome Stargate props that could be yours!

Your best comment: Hero Prop: A type of prop or wardrobe that is regarded as the type of highest and best use; often attributed to use by the star or a principal of the production as well as close-up shots. 1) The "hero" prop is not the "stunt" version or "special fx" version, or any other special/specific use version of the prop; 2) the "hero" version of the prop is frequently the most highly detailed and/or functional and is usually (though not always) made of superior materials (i.e. metal vs. rubber or resin) and of a higher quality of workmanship; 3) the "hero" version of the prop is frequently intended for use in close-up shots and/or publicity material; 4) the "hero" version of the prop is frequently used by the star/lead of the film; 5) with regard to firearms, the "hero" version of the prop is frequently live fire or blank fire; 6) in terms of collecting, "hero" props command a premium in price due to rarity and demand.—TheGigaShadow

Our story: 9 underrated, overlooked sci-fi and fantasy films of 2009

Your best comment: One under rated fantasy film of 2009 I strongly recommend is Dorian Gray. It was only released in the UK. I had to order my DVD off of Amazon UK and get my computer to play region 2 discs but it was worth it. ...

As a true Oscar Wilde fan I feel they captured the spirit of Oscar Wilde's intent. This was the best version of The Picture of Dorian Gray I have ever seen, the black and white version coming in close second for having the better and more innocent version of Sibyl Vane.

I am in America and we never got a theatrical release of this version of Dorian Gray. I sincerely hope that some day in the near future America will get, at least, a DVD release of this film because it is truly good, truly exceptional, and far more intelligent, interesting and just plain better than the Twilight Saga.—Mandy

Our story: God's not happy—and after seeing Legion, neither are we

Your best comment: I just want to know how they got Steve McQueen to pose for the movie poster.—B

Our story: The most influential sci-fi movie scores. Or are they?

Your best comment: If you ever catch yourself accessorizing and humming science fiction/fantasy tunes while trying to decide between the whip and fedora or the blue tights and red cape (and face it, we've all been there). Then chances are your humming something by John Williams.
Star Wars
Close Encounters
Jurrasic Park
to name more than a few.
I grew up with this guy making noise in my head.

Our story: Clash of the Titans, Harry Potter VII to be 3-D

Your best comment: If a movie is significantly better because it's in 3D, that, to me, just means it wasn't that great a movie to begin with. 3D can't make up for bad writing, director or acting. So if a movie is going to be good, it will be just as good in 2D. If you need 3D to justify a movie's quality, you're missing the point. Yes, I saw Avatar in 3D, and some of the movie was enhanced by the 3D, but if I never knew the movie was a 3D movie and saw it in 2D, I'd probably have the same opinion of it. But with all the CES talk about 3D HDTV coming out later this year, I don't think it's a fad...that we will have to wait and see on.—beakernx01

Our story: This is heaven: McG to reboot La Femme Nikita for The CW

Your best comment: No. Heaven was seeing what Col. Deering was wearing each week. But this is close.—Meezer

Our story: Will you watch Lost when its final season debuts Feb. 2?

Your best comment: Tell you what. I'll DVR the State of the Union and watch it on Feb 2nd in honor of all those yahoos who backed the insanity of war with the White House over a fictional universe.— Donovan

Our story: Scientists worry that real aliens might want to kill us

Your best comment: Anyone who doesn't believe that aliens exist and/or that they aren't evil, destructive and mean-spirited has never met my ex-wife.—Jeff77042

Our story: Awesome Green Lantern concept art psychs us up!

Your best comment: I sleep more peaceably in my bed at night only because such rough men in the Green Lantern Corps stand ready to do violence on my behalf.—Falconer

Our story: Trek's Quinto calms fears that he's leaving the franchise

Your best comment:Nimoy 1969: "I am not Spock!"
Nimoy 1970-1979: "I am not employed!"
Nimoy 1980-2008: "OK, I guess I am Spock!"
Nimoy 2009: "I am really old Spock!"

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