Hunger Games' mutts, Trek in Vegas, Avengers pics & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments is a virtual smorgasbord of numbered stories about small acts of sci-fi (23), dreamy starships (20), kick-ass spaceship crashes (15), flying cars (12), Hunger Games (12), wacky vehicles (12), alien cats (11), faked SF photos (11), Avengers (10), Prometheus (8), Dark Knight (6) ... and Trek in Vegas (1992).

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Your best comment: Hulk has an expression of a four years old boy who didn't get his ice-cream. Shouldn't Hulk be more primitive and in rage? — YoBoss

Our story: Millennium Falcon + 19 more starships we always dreamed of flying

Your best comment: Where is the original Jupiter 2 from "Lost In Space". Omitting it from the list is like having a list of famous movie and tv show cars and not listing The Munster Car. To quote Dr. Zachary Smith, "Oh the pain, the pain." — Capt. Paul

Our story: 15 titanic sci-fi spaceships that went down in a blaze of glory

Your best comment: Thanks for mentioning Liberator from Blake's 7. One of the saddest ship destructions I have seen. Hearing Zen refer to himself for the first time when the auto repair systems cant keep up with the damage and he says "I have failed you. I am sorry. I ..." then the ship dies. — MrCroup

Our story: 11 real-life sci-fi photos we trusted that turned out to be faked

Your best comment: Man, we are a stupid species aren't we? — Mistercard

Our story: 12 wacky sci-fi vehicles (that are more than just dream machines)

Your best comment: The tiny thumbnail I saw on the initial link made me think that the eleventh one was the Mako from Mass Effect. Lo and behold I sit disappointed by Man's inability to make awesome things. — Peter

Our story: Total Recall + 22 more sci-fi films where small acts made huge changes

Your best comment: The George McFly is a stunt double. Crispin Glover was very particular about which scenes he would and would not shoot. Looks like they got a screen grab from the actual action scene where he punches Biff which would have been the stunt double — Jpolitic

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Your best comment: Always remember: Cats were worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt, and they will never allow us to forget this. That is why they only just tolerate us and why we will never be their masters. — Kali

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Your best comment: I suppose that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (or "the Absent Minded Professor") would be too "ol' school" to make the list — Psiqueue

Our story: 6 new Dark Knight Rises pics: More Bruce, more Bane, more Catwoman!

Your best comment: It looks like Batman is checking his iPad for something in the first shot. "Crime fighting...there's an app for that..." — ProperVillain

Our story: 8 stunning new alien images make Prometheus seem even spookier

Your best comment: This movie just keeps looking better and better. Hopefully my local theater chain has a 12:01am show. Even my 80something mother wants to see this movie after seeing the trailer last week. — DD

Our story: 12 Hunger Games concept pics show 'Muttations' that never were

Your best comment: There are so many awesome details in the book but the movie has either left out or changed many of them...kinda disappointing. I think the movie could have been better if it stays true to the book and tell the story from Katniss's point of view. — YoBoss

Our story: Stardate 1992: When Vegas almost had a life-size USS Enterprise

Your best comment: If they kept with the ideology of the ST universe, anyone who worked there wouldn't get paid. That'd have kept costs down right away. — Raw1989