Games' nudity, kick-ass guitars & more sci-fi awesomeness!

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Dec 17, 2012

Hottest stories? Best comments? What more could you ask for? This week's edition highlights Han Solo's tax evasion, Shia LeBeouf's crappy comic, a secret government town, James Bonds who never were, rockin' sci-fi guitars, nudity in Game of Thrones and more! If sex, tax evasion and rock 'n' roll don't get you to click, you'd best check your pulse!

Our story: SNL reveals the real reason there's so much Game of Thrones nudity

Your best comment: So much nudity makes me feel funny "down there." ;)

There really isn't that much nudity, and what appears is pretty brief. The same goes for the violence in the series. Most of the screen time is devoted to dialogue. I think they strike the right balance in adapting the book to TV. It simply wouldn't be feasible for HBO to do a shot-for-shot recreation of the books. — Eric

Our story: 17 dystopic futures we hope we'll never have to live through

Your best comment: I don't know, I think in some way it would be kinda cool. Ok most of our luxuries would be gone but it would make us realise and change what's important in our lives. Keep you on your toes and stuff. An upside ... No asshole boss when the zombies take over — James

Our story: 16 big monster finds that turned out to be big monster fakes

Your best comment: I've see the Cardiff Giant, it's kept on same display nearby the Baseball Hall of Fame in NY. The guy who paid for the Cardiff Giant staged the hoax to make fun of the credulous public to teach people a lesson because he knew people would be easily fooled if it was "discovered" and had a back story that sounded good, even if it made no sense. They said it was from pre-flood times, and the public bought it hook, line and sinker. — mlhershb

Our story: 18 stunning sci-fi guitars that'll shred your geek world

Your best comment: The COOLEST guitar in the SCI-FI universe belong to the Wyld Stallyns...the air-guitar! — Kraven

Our story: Han Solo and 9 other sci-fi characters who cheated on their taxes

Your best comment: Two points. 1) Crow T. Robot can't pay taxes because Joel made him from extra parts from the SOL (he can be a tax deduction though). 2) Arnold J. Rimmer can't pay taxes because he's legally dead. (besides, he's one million light years from Earth, how is the IRS going to catch him?) — Capt. Paul

Our story: Princess Leia + 12 more sci-fi movie and TV holograms

Your best comment: Ah, and let's not forget Jor El. Superman only got to know his daddy as a hologram.

I like these lists. Not only do they spark additional conversation over obvious entries that were excluded, but by including some of the more obscure entries (Jem and the Holograms?) trigger interest in shows and films that might otherwise be forgotten. — WriterBob

Our story: Rare pics from 1968 James Bond auditions: 4 who were almost 007

Your best comment: "Good thing Roger Moore came along." That is the first time anyone ever wrote those words regarding Roger Moore playing 007 — Allan

Our story: 13 awesome sci-fi weather control devices that made a difference

Your best comment: Blastr, everyone always rips on you for leaving out their favorite things from these lists. I want to thank you for NOT including the otherwise-extraordinary DS9's craporama Risa episode "Let He Who Is Without Sin...". I was HOPING it wouldn't be here, and it wasn't. — Sithboy

Our story: 11 real-world rock bands who've transformed into sci-fi creatures

Your best comment: Have you ever heard of Ziggy Stardust?
Seriously, there would be no KISS without what David Bowie doing Ziggy.

It just seems like all the Bands you picked are 'monster' bands, except Daft Punk, and maybe KISS (verdict still out on them). — Alvar Hanso

Our story: Newly released pics of secret gov't town that was real-life Eureka

Your best comment: I use to date a girl who was from Oak Ridge and visited it her and her family there. It was very strange in that all the streets were in alphabetical order and every home was built in amongst the existing trees so that they remained fairly hidden. All the lawns were perfect as if the cast from Leave it to Beaver lived there. — Bobby

Our story: Shia LaBeouf just self-published the world's crappiest comic. Really.

Your best comment: Finally, proof that working with Michael Bay causes brain damage... — Captain Obvious

Our story: 9 movies that play pranks on their characters--and the audience

Your best comment: How about Saw, another non-scifi flick, but it pulled the wool over everyones eyes. Who would have thought the "dead" guy laying in the middle of the room was actually the bad guy behind it all, and very much alive! — fullbloodedirish

Our story: Watching Downey Jr. and Fillion banter makes our geek heads explode

Your best comment: Ohh yeah....well he is Capt. Tightpants big-hero Mal Reynolds...and you are not...Nate wins. — napoleonwilson