Sexy TARDIS dress, Bigfoot proof, stormtrooper mashups & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

"Hey! You got your comments in our story!" "No: You got your story in our comments!" Two great tastes that taste great together bring us another edition of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. This week our readers sound off on fan-modded stormtroopers, Wolverine's hair, a sexy TARDIS dress, a pricey home theater, funny S.H.I.E.L.D. memos ... and photographic proof of Bigfoot. (Or it's some animal with its ass in the air. See for yourself.)

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Your best comment: Made by Black Milk. Looks like they already had to pull it from their web site. They also made some pretty cool Star Wars stuff for a short time, I'm assuming until the Lucas Co found out. — Steve

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Your best comment: if you've ever read the novel 'death troopers', the zombie tooper actually ties into that pretty well.i liked the gundam troopers too — kw smith

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Your best comment: Is that Hagrid? — zosolias

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Your best comment: I think Ms. Marvel and Wonder Woman are the best bets. Most distinct and perhaps some pre-exiting cultural knowledge. She-Hulk, to non-comic book fans who make up the majority of the movie-going public, just seems like a lame rip-off of Hulk. To people who don't read comics "She-Hulk" sounds as silly as "Lady Thor" or "Ms. Iron Man." And Power Girl seems like a Superman rip-off. Batgirl *may* work if set-up right as a Batman protegee, and Dazzler (or Jubilee for that matter) might also work (perhaps surprisingly) given the way you describe it (besides, Justin Beiber needs a breakout movie role).

Other possibilities may be Dawn or Death from the Sandman series. The latter might even be a shot across Marvel's bow if they intend to use Thanos and his love for a Lady Death in future movies by beating them to the punch putting a modern, Death-as-comely-lady version on screen before them. — Clyde M

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Your best comment: Now this is the ULTIMATE MAN CAVE!!! — Icon

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Your best comment: Holy crap! Looks awesome! Gotta echo everyone else here. Bring this back. And by the art/director of the guy who did Korra? (sigh) how did this fall through the cracks? Was it a Young Justice or this choice, I wonder? — JetmanJay

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Your best comment: The best one I've seen is the reprimand of the agents who took Cap to see Inglorius B****ds and convinced him that that is how the war really ended. — Valharic

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Your best comment: Pretty sure picture number 4 is a guy. You might want to rethink your title. — snowman

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Your best comment: The studded crotch one could've worked. Actually, no. It could not have worked at all. — Tom

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Your best comment: That's not the only Star Wars reference in the Indiana Jones movies. The club in "Temple Of Doom" is called "Club Obi Wan" (watch the scene where they are falling). I was told Lucas made sure there was a Star Wars "Easter egg" in every Indiana Jones movie. I will look for the ones in "Last Crusade" and "Temple Of The Crystal Skull" the next time I see them on tv. — Capt. Paul

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Your best comment: Fun! I could imagine seeing these as book covers in a used book store. — Temis

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Your best comment: Where's the life-sized Alien Face Hugger pops? — Les Nessman

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Your best comment: I'll believes anything you like as long as there is a steady paycheck in it. — dc yasovsky