Hottest & Best: Trek, Fringe, X-Files, Spidey, sexy girls & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

Psst. C'mere. Yeah, you. Do you like Star Trek? What about Fringe, X-Files, Doctor Who, Spider-Man or The Walking Dead? How 'bout a sexy girl? "Call Me, Maybe?" If you answered yes to any of these, then welcome home to this week's edition of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. (If you answered no, there's something seriously wrong with you.) Click through now, but be gentle; we chafe easily.

Our story: Sexy girl undergoes gross transformation in NSFW horror movie clip

Your best comment: That's what happens if the beer goggles wear off too soon.... — Kai Alexis Price

Our story: A Trekkie restoring original Next Gen Enterprise bridge? Make it so!

Your best comment: Looking at the picture of the Captain's chair, I wonder if Picard (Stewart) was having digestive problems! Still, I'm glad the guy is restoring the set. — revdocdave

Our story: 15 never-before-seen pics of Stan Winston creating the Alien Queen

Your best comment: While both are true art forms in their own right, I am saddened to see many film makers choosing CGI animation over the marvelous creatures turned out by masters like Winston. — Dale M.

Our story: 21 thrilling new Doctor Who S7 pics: Dinosaurs, daleks and more!

Your best comment: I hear those Dalek conventions can get pretty wild. And the booth babes are really salty. I'm done now. — Julien

Our story: Vader + 17 more times sci-fi icons rang Wall Street's opening bell

Your best comment: What's up with Vader applauding? Dark Lords do not wear shorts, nor they do not clap for others! — Cincinnatus

Our story: What's got Joshua Jackson in uniform for 19 new Fringe set pics?

Your best comment: Apparently Joshua Jackson & I both have the same clear-plastic makeup bag :) — Kyle Pasciutti

Our story: Check out the 1st set pics from Doctor Who's Xmas special

Your best comment: I'm actually hoping these aren't from Dr Who but are actually from the new series of Downton Abbey. I'd watch it then. — Raw1980

Our story: See (and buy) 27 concept images for never-made Gaiman Sandman movie

Your best comment: It's a crime that this didn't get made.

On the same note, I'd love to see a new version of Neverwhere on a bigger budget, whether another miniseries or a movie or two. — Joe

Our story: The startling change to Spider-Man's origin story you never knew

Your best comment: Anyone else think the cop in the first panel looks like Stan Lee does today? — Alverant

Our story: Joseph Gordon-Levitt finally explains that ambiguous TDKR ending

Your best comment: It is a great ending for that trilogy because that trilogy was never a story about Batman. It was a story about Bruce Wayne. It isn't important who is the next Batman or if there is a next Batman, etc. It was the character arc of Bruce that mattered and was completed. That's why they can leave the franchise without a lame tack on sequel. — Clyde M

Our story: Duchovny explains why last X-Files movie tanked at the box office

Your best comment: They should have had the movie ready for this year, the date mentioned in the last episode for the Alien invasion was Dec 21st 2012, this year would have been a perfect time to release that movie! Hope it still happens but It looks like Hollywood would rather make superhero movies or reboots. Btw, I loved the 2nd X-File movie, I know it wasn't a mythology based movie but it felt like the old stand alone horror eps. — Old School

Our story: All the pics Robert Kirkman's posted from the Walking Dead S3 set

Your best comment: is it wrong that i think the zombie girl next to Kirkman is kinda cute? also is it me or does the guy next to Kirkman look alot like Grima Wormtongue from LOTR: The Two Towers? — lordanubis82

Our story: Watch the cast of Star Trek: TNG sing teen pop hit 'Call Me Maybe'

Your best comment: If there was a TOS version, it would be a Willam Shatner spoken word song. I think that the only way to make this awful song tolerable is: WILLIAM SHATNER! — Scienceorc