Fett's helmets, Cap's babes, Wolverine's past & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments is chock-full of awesome! Click through to discover kick-ass art (posters, Fett helmets, Batman characters), kick-ass babes (they all want Captain America), kick-ass ingenuity (dude built his own arms!), and one (NOT) kick-ass Wolverine revelation. Also, if you want to terrify your baby: Build a Lost nursery. (Details inside.)

Our story: 15 superhero motivational posters that'll make a believer out of you

Your best comment: Superman there, looking like a Bhangra dancer. — Raw1989

Our story: Check out 20 awesome modded Boba Fett helmets that could be yours

Your best comment: Poor Death Star. One little design flaw and it's relegated to life as a ball gag. At least it's not a paper weight.— Meezer

Our story: 10 ridiculous comic book superhero sidekicks (Fat Man? Really?)

Your best comment: Jimmy Olsen - You forgot he drank a potion form a bottle in space that gave him stretchy powers (Hence "Elastic Lad"), and on one of his excursions into the past started The Beatles craze in ancient Rome, banging on bongos and selling red mop-top wigs!!
I also think the ORIGINAL Alfred the Butler could go on the list, the one obsessed with "real crime" novels, and thought himself a detective himself!
— KZed

Our story: Your kid'll wanna sleep with the lights on in bizarre Lost nursery

Your best comment: I already know what happens. The kid grows up and leaves the room. But then spends the rest of his life trying to find it again. Unfortunately it shifted to another house and time. The parents replace it with a magic jacuzzi with lights in it. — redm

Our story: Get lost in J.J. Abrams' new mystery with 23 Revolution pilot pics

Your best comment: I am sorry Mr. Abrams, my potato battery and clock will keep working... — KatsuKaze

Our story: Exclusive preview of Before Watchman's eagerly awaited Dr. Manhattan comic

Your best comment: Have you actually read any of these books? Some of them are really good and offer a completely different story with each of these characters. Just give them a chance. Take the Rorschach miniseries for example. It's just a new story featuring that character, not a completely different version like Moore (and people like you) think they are.— Kitch

Our story: Meet 3 actresses battling it out for the lead in Captain America 2

Your best comment: I vote for Yvonne Strahovski, looks great and can go toe to toe with cap in terms of physicality.— raaj

Our story: Artist's moody portraits of Dark Knight + 10 more Bat characters

Your best comment: Agreed. The artist definitely captured something with the Joker. (Jack Nicholson voice) Oh, I don't know if its art, but I like it. — Manos

Our story: 3 awesome Star Wars posters reimagine 1st trilogy as spaghetti westerns

Your best comment: like. no one is making you look at these. man. but like. star wars is more fantasy than sci fi man. its like. a space fantasy pirate story dude. — Krist

Our story: Spikes, masks and big trucks rule in 7 Mad Max: Fury Road set pics

Your best comment: Dunno. After Thunderdome and frickin' "Happy Feet," I don't know if I trust Miller to pull off a new Mad Max flick, especially when at least this much of it is looking so much like Road Warrior. I'm not one for the new wave of SF/fantasy reboots (Total Recall, Robocop, Highlander), but after all these years and a poor conclusion to the "trilogy," I think it would be a better thing to start afresh if we MUST do more Mad Max. — DarkHawke

Our story: Chinese man can't afford prosthetics, builds own bionic arms

Your best comment: Umm, how did he build bionic arms if he had no arms to build them with???— C to the J

Our story: 4 gruesome True Blood pics show Sookie and Eric's finale reunion

Your best comment: Uhm. Please explain exactly what is even remotely gruesome about these 4 photos. They just show people standing around. No blood or gore WHAT-SO-EVER! — Fizbin

Our story: Wolverine stunner: Marvel just messed with Logan's origin big time

Your best comment: I don't think anyone satisfied when this same plot point turned out to be the end of The Prisoner back in the Sixties. I am not Weapon X, I am a free man! — mrgoberg

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