Hottest & Best: Real WALL-E, adorable villains & sexy sci-fi!

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Dec 17, 2012

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments revolves around The Sexy and The Cute: kiddy-fied Star Wars villains (cute), tooned-out sci-fi posters (cute), Star Trek latex (sexy), superhero manatees (definitely not sexy), Breaking Dawn pics (sexy, supposedly), and the NSFW cosplay Venom banned by Facebook (sex-ay). Oh yeah, and ... Thor and Peeta are in the Red Dawn remake? Who knew?

Our story: 6 vile Star Wars villains reimagined as adorable little kids

Your best comment: Why does Jabba have a blowup doll? — Yoda Baby

Our story: Guy spends two years building amazing life-size, working WALL-E

Your best comment: This guy just earned his spot in Heaven. What a great story. — Jim

Our story: Aliens, Blade Runner and 8 other epic sci-fi posters get 'tooned out

Your best comment: Indy looks like Jeff Goldblum. — Charles Widmore

Our story: Total Recall + 10 more mind-bending SF movies that mess with memory

Your best comment: Dark City is in my top 5 all time favourite films ever. Very clever. Looks amazing. Superb storytelling. And of course, it had the great Richard O'Brien in uber-creepy mode and Keifer Sutherland as a mentally destroyed doctor. It's a shame I can't look at him in that film again as anything but Jack Bauer now. — Raw1980

Our story: Check out this sexy, skintight Star Trek latex for naughty geeks

Your best comment: Slave Leia just got kicked to the curb. — Matthew

Our story: 10 adorable (and creepy) portraits of superheroes as manatees

Your best comment: The Green Lantern Manatee is actually possible, in the DC Universe. There just has to be one with strong enough Will to be granted a ring. — Jon Fine

Our story: Badass concept art for Captain America's new costume change

Your best comment: I don't know what kind of bondage the author of this does, but I see no sign of bondage gear what so ever. Now where did I put my ball gag. — Cp_photo

Our story: Hugh Jackman's got himself a whole new hairdo in 4 Wolverine pics

Your best comment: He had his head shaved to play Jean Val Jean in Les Miz. I think Wolverine started filming shortly after Les Miz wrapped. — Naj

Our story: Chris Hemsworth rules in 1st official pics from delayed Red Dawn

Your best comment: The movie could conclude with a cage fight to the death between one of the Wolverines and Kim-jong-un! YEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!

WOLVERINES!!!! — ProperVillain

Our story: Sexy vamps (plus a werewolf) rule in 11 new Breaking Dawn 2 pics

Your best comment: Vamps they might [be] but sexy they are not. — Jorge A. Torres

Our story: 15 of the funniest, LOL moments from sci-fi film comedies

Your best comment: How can you not include the "what's my last name" scene from Galaxy Quest. Every scene with Sam Rockwell in that film was gold. But that Evolution scene is hilarious. — Handwasher

Our story: Tom Hardy reveals the real guy who gave him that creepy Bane voice

Your best comment: To me he sounds like one of the early bond villains or something. — Patrick

Our story: See the slightly NSFW Venom cosplay pic that was banned by Facebook

Your best comment: Are you kidding? You can clearly see her ankles. A couple hundred years ago that would have been a stoning offense. — Steven

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