Hottest & Best: SF gifts, Iron Man pics, Star Trek news & more!

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

As we enter the gift-giving season, this week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments proves you're in the holiday spirit! Click through for dozens and dozens of great gifts for the science fiction lover in your life, see Tony Stark's broke-ass mask, read the new Trek synopsis, spy on a real-life fairy room ... and check out our big ol' black hole. (It's the biggest and the darkest you've ever seen!) Happy December!

Our story: Amazing Enterprise replica + 15 more sci-fi gifts costing $10,000 and up

Your best comment: FYI folks, getting frozen is a lot more affordable than it sounds - the $200,000 can come from a life insurance policy after you die.... The more who sign up the cheaper it becomes for everyone (thus leaving more money available from the remainder of your policy for your loved ones), and the more money they have to work on ways of bringing people back from it...— Ekras

Our story: 21 awesome Star Trek gifts that look like the Starship Enterprise

Your best comment: Boys, if you know what's good for you and you want to live and keep that special woman in your life, DO NOT buy her a $15 plastic necklace replica of the SS Enterprise. Trust me.— TheVioletArcher

Our story: 22 videogame gifts your friends will love (but you may want to keep)

Your best comment: In my mid-30s and playing the Lego LOTR for XBox now and loving it. Nothing to feel shame about. It's a fun, easy to play in spurts puzzler that enjoys and plays lovingly with the source material on both sides. — Clyde M

Our story: 21 cute and cuddly sci-fi plush toys that would make great gifts

Your best comment: I just put the plush Godzilla on my wish list. He will live in my backpack if I get it.— Capt. Paul

Our story: 24 massive TV Blu-ray and DVD box sets for sci-fi completists

Your best comment: No, The Complete Farscape did not include The Peacekeeper Wars. Best Buy had an offer where they gave you the DVD free.— Lordbowler

Our story: Scientists just found the biggest supermassive black hole ever

Your best comment: Sounds like they just discovered one of the Outer Gods. Azathoth says hi, yes?— Nyarlathotep

Our story: 7 new Arrow pics give 1st look at the mysterious Dark Archer

Your best comment: Without spoiling anything, if anyone reads the comics, they know the real name of the bad archer. A character in the show also has that name. I've been waiting for that person to "turn evil". Unless they switch things up on me.— rjr

Our story: How to make a fairy room in your house. You know, for kids.

Your best comment: They clearly need to make a fairy vacuum to get rid of the fairy drywall on the floor in picture #4.— MetalPause

Our story: Tony Stark's mask is trashed in 4 new Iron Man 3 pics

Your best comment: The mask scar mirrors Leonidas' in 300.— Beau Shane

Our story: Star Trek: Into Darkness finally gets an official synopsis

Your best comment: Sounds awesome! Except for one thing...no Shat. the script needs Shat-atized!— Man Love 4 The Shat

Our story: Star Wars 7: Mark Hamill spills what he does (and doesn't) know

Your best comment: I bleieve the three need to come back to for ocmplete closure. Harrison gets his wish and Han dies after saving his and Leia's kids. Leai goes on a rampaging pursuit of the Dark One that killed Han, only to find out it is the clone of Vader (as Anakin), after the burn. In her attempt to get the message to Luke, who has been Jedi-training Han's and Leia's kids, she dies, but R2D2's descendsant (more modified sleeker version, not as intelligent- once again- gets the message to Luke. Luke leaves the kids behind- unbeknownst to him, they stow away on the ship seeking revenge. As the climactic meeting of the cloned Vader and Luke, the kids jump out to fight Vader, only to have Luke killed. With no one to train them, the kids are taken by Vader due to their imense meta-whatever, and strong potential to destroy the Dark Side. End of SW VII. What will this cloned Vader do? Obviously he is more menacingly evil than the original Vader! That is my story, and I am sticking to it. More importantly... whoi will save Han and Lei'as children which are the future of the Jedis? Hint : Luke was not a virgin...— SuperDad

Our story: Controversial critic makes bizarre claim about Revenge of the Sith

Your best comment: Hard to believe, but art IS subjective. Just because we may love or hate ROTS or the prequels in general doesn't mean someone won't see some artistic value in one of them. I'd be interested to see the entire argument, though I might have a hard time agreeing with it in the end.— ScorpyX

Our story: Looks like 2 dead sci-fi shows will get proper finales after all

Your best comment: As much as I liked 666 I thought that it was one of those shows that would have to be given a couple of years and the disinterest of the network in interferring (I'm a bad speller) before it could get really good. However, I am greatful that at the least it is being an ending. Makes me much more likley to watch a show on that network again if I can be reasonably sure that if cancelled there will be at least an ending.— just me