Hottest & Best: Trek, Who, Stark, Fringe, Joss & more!

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments is like a beautifully wrapped gift, complete with a science-fictional bow, that you can open whenever you want. If you tear into it now, you'll find Supes' underwear; new pics from Fringe, Who, Iron Man 3 and Trek; Whedon's Avengers' wish list; Abrams in 3D; a real-life package sent to Dr. Jones ("we named the dog 'Indiana'"); and ... oh yeah, we'll probably piss you off with 25 sci-fi images. Happy holidays from Blastr!

Our story: 25 sci-fi images guaranteed to piss off geeks

Your best comment: I want to stomp on a puppy... — Chris H

Our story: Superman underwear + 19 more great gifts for your geek boyfriend

Your best comment: Is it too much to ask to get Dean Cain to model the Superman underwear? — Paula Wilkinson-Jones

Our story: 13 pics offer potentially spoilery peek at final episode of Fringe

Your best comment: I'm already missing Fringe. — MikelovesSF

Our story: The Doctor shows off new TARDIS control room in 3 new Who pics

Your best comment: I initially hated the warm colors of the previous control room. It took a long time for me to get used to it. This is a jarring change, but I think a lot of us will get used to it and learn to like it; at least in the sense of subconsciously associating it with the coming episodes and our emotions regarding them. Y'know - nostalgia in the making. That sort of thing. — TrollStomper01

Our story: Leaked Marvel merch gives us a good look at Iron Man 3 promo art

Your best comment: Does the man sell the merch or does the merch sell the man? — onomaton

Our story: WTF? Univ. of Chicago receives (real) package for Indiana Jones

Your best comment: Indiana Jones did not work at the University of Chicago. He went to school at the University of Chicago, where Abner Ravenwood worked, which is how he came about being Indy's mentor. Indiana jones worked at Marshall College. DID NOT DO THE RESEARCH. — Grayson Mixon

Our story: Tony Stark takes a beating in 3 brutal new Iron Man 3 pics

Your best comment: I never looked that comfy when I was getting beat up at school. — art101

Our story: New Kirk-centric Star Trek 2 trailer finally heads into space!

Your best comment: Bird of Prey @ 1:21!!! — Eric Weeks

Our story: Abrams reveals studio's 1 demand before they'd let him make Trek 2

Your best comment: I'm glad some directors get how gimmicky 3D is. I mean the soul purpose of 3D seems to be that scene where someone throws something toward the camera or a baddie jumps toward the audience and "oh my god it's in 3D". I've yet to see a movie (even Avatar) that convinces me a movie would be better in 3D. In fact the whole notion of 3D is just ridiculous. My mind already tells there's a third dimension to films even when I'm watching a 2D movie. I don't need things coming out of my screen toward me to remind me there's depth.

At this point the only movies that should be going crazy with this 3D are horror/"scarry" movies or perhaps those nature movies. I'm sure they could get someone to go see The Ring 4 if they said it'd be in 3D. Just keep it out of movies that have solid scripts and acting. — Mike Syfrett

Our story: 4 stunning posters celebrate Star Trek: TOS ... retro-style!

Your best comment: Argh! He finally tripped up a bit... Armageddon and Spectre of the gun broke away from the art style he was using up to now, and the effect is... jarring. That said, still hoping they round all these up once the whole shebang is done and put them into a coffee table sized book for those without the wallet or wallspace for the entire run of posters. — Steve Erhardt

Our story: Little-known sci-fi fact: Lucas originally wanted FOUR trilogies

Your best comment: Some of us remember this from back when. In one of the Dream Park novels (I think), a character refers to a Star Wars movie that, from the Roman numeral, has to be from the fourth trilogy. — pHnegative8

Our story: Whedon wanted second villain, different superheroine in Avengers

Your best comment: I think Yvonne Strahovski would make an excellent Ms. Marvel. — Kevin Copelan