Hot & Best: Top 5 worst sci-fi flicks, Whedon talks Buffy, & more!

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

As the year comes to a close, we have once more gathered the Hottest Stories and the Best Comments from the final week of the final month of 2012. Before Baby New Year arrives crying and whining, we leave you with the Worst Sci-Fi Flicks of All Time; Whedon discussing Buffy; Peter Peter gets [redacted]; and pics for the new Mad Max, Catwoman concepts, a handy-dandy Trek officer chart and more! Happy new year from Blastr! See you in 2013!

Our story: After 500,000 votes for the worst movies ever, the top 5 are sci-fi

Your best comment: The worst movie i've ever seen was sort of fantasy, "Prelude to a Kiss" with Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin. She was a quirky girl, they fall in love and the night before their wedding some old dude kisses Ryan and they swap bodies. Then it takes months for Baldwin to figure it out. My mother took me when I was 8 years old, but as an apology she bought me Star Trek 3 on VHS. — Jonathan Fine

Our story: Unused Catwoman concept art shows the TDKR that could've been

Your best comment: The catsuit that they used was awful, there is nowhere to go but up from the suit they used. — PWR106

Our story: Walking Dead gains a 4th season--but loses its showrunner!

Your best comment: On his blog he said they were going in a very commercial direction and he felt they were selling out. I am dreading next season, but at least cheeseburgers can still make me happy... — MichiganSUXdick

Our story: Whedon reveals the one thing that still bugs him about Buffy

Your best comment: And here I was hoping he'd say, "Doublemeat Palace"..... — stargazer1682

Our story: See 26 grisly Doctor Who deaths done Edward Gorey-style

Your best comment: R is for Rory, who dies every day. lol. love it — Julien Neaves

Our story: Oh, no! Can it really be true? Peter Parker is [REDACTED]?

Your best comment: This version of "Spider-Man" is NOT Spider-Man!! When will these "Modern Era" writers realize that they are killing the industry they are employed by by doing this stupid stuff?! Here is an idea. If you want to rewrite History, try MAKING a new superhero instead of killing what has come before. — David Carloni

Our story: Which 2012 sci-fi movies were filled with the most mistakes?

Your best comment: Planks disappearing were not the biggest mistakes of "Spiderman," it's just that the other mistakes were with bad writing and plotting and "missing planks, is a set continuity error, which is all they count. — Anecdatum

Our story: 1st post-apocalyptic look at Tom Hardy as the new Mad Max

Your best comment: That pic reminds me of a younger Kevin Costner — Michael Ramos

Our story: Image of the Day: Know your Star Trek officers with 1 handy chart

Your best comment: thus proving that Trek fans know their officers, but obviously not how to read. Syfy DID NOT put this together. Right at the bottom it says Chart Design by so take it up with them. — Roy Beaufoy

Our story: New Who companion explains how she's 'changed' The Doctor

Your best comment: Amy Pond was her own person as well. I will miss her.

AMY: Hey, look at this! Got my spaceship, got my boys! My work here is done.
RORY: Uh, we are not her boys.
DOCTOR: Yeah, we are.
RORY: Yeah... we are — Ken Cook