Hot & Best: Superman, Star Trek, S.H.I.E.L.D. & seasonal gifts!

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments has returned with a special visit from The Man of Steel, great reads for sci-fi lovers, new- and old-school gifts for the geeks in your life, a sneak peek at Trek 2, Pacific Rim, and the Turtle That Never Was. Also: NASA shares yesterday's dreams of tomorrow. If you want awesome, get to clickin'!

Our story: See a boy become the Man of Steel in long-awaited 1st full trailer

Your best comment: Do you think there is an intentional "Stranger In A Strange Land" insinuation at the 22 second mark? It looks eerily similar to the paperback cover of that novel... — TrEmUp

Our story: 11 must-read sci-fi novels that would make perfect gifts

Your best comment: The audiobook of Redshirts is fantastic. Wil Weaton is a great narrator who is surprisingly good at accents.

I admit, I even got a little misty-eyed during the codas. They are written in 1st, 2nd and 3rd person. I am sure they were a personal challenge for the writer to see if he could do it, but as a listener they eventually lost the novelty of the form and became good stories in their own right. — mydlands

Our story: Check out 44 pics from Doctor Who's upcoming Christmas episode

Your best comment: Floating umbrellas always get between The Doctor and his companion. — Raw1980

Our story: Gort's head, Khan's glove + more iconic sci-fi props up for auction

Your best comment: You can't own Johhny 5! He's alive! That would be slavery! — Jonathan Fine

Our story: 20 great holiday gifts for your geek girlfriend

Your best comment: Even if they are inspired by The Hobbit, socks still make crappy Christmas gifts. — Capt. Paul

Our story: 6 awesome things we all learned from that 1st Pacific Rim trailer

Your best comment: There is a seventh awesome (and slightly terrifying) thing about this movie. The human factions seem to have chosen GlaDOS as their AI's operating system.

I'm not even kidding. Listen carefully from about 0:44 minutes into the trailer. — ajollynerd

Our story: Gorgeous '70s concept art shows NASA's dream of our space future

Your best comment: Now that is the future I was promised as a Kid! To have a robot dog, a jet pack and holidays on the moon! — the_real_andy_t

Our story: Kirby the 5th Turtle and other sketches from the TMNT flick that never was

Your best comment: A friend of mine did set design on the third TMNT movie. He said that the budget was so small that they only had one animatronic turtle head, and that they would just switch colored bandanas as the turtles would speak to one another.

He also noted that it was pretty hilarious to see four turtles remove their own heads, walk outside, and light up cigarettes during breaks. — Anthony Acker

Our story: New Star Trek 2 pic reveals the name of Cumberbatch's villain!

Your best comment: John Harrison is also the name of the person who invented the marine chronometer, which made long-distance sea travel possible... Could it be a fake cover name the producers are using to avoid using the (very recognisable) name of the man who made Warp travel possible? Zefram Cochrane?

He's not someone I've heard considered as a possibility (or ever really thought of, until now), but it could actually make sense. — cScottDavis

Our story: 1st Star Trek Into Darkness teaser debuts (with TWO versions!)

Your best comment: I'm starting to think that this Kahn vs Mitchell debate is cleverly intentional. I don't think it's either. That last additional scene looks a little too deliberate. But if you notice, it doesn't look like Spock is the one dying as in Wrath of Kahn. I think the rumor of Kahn was cleverly placed. I think the "slip up" by Karl Urban about Mitchell was intentional. This is all nothing more than misdirection which points to Cumberbatch playing as a completely different character. The question is, who? — Jubei Mnemonic

Our story: 16 old-school sci-fi TV gifts: Twilight Zone, Space: 1999 and more!

Your best comment: My younger brother had the Steve Austin action figure with the medical lab. I remember if you collected all the accessories, he morphs into an out of work stuntman/bounty hunter. (I'm sure there are enough oldsters out there to get that joke.) — Mumbo

Our story: Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. series just killed another ABC sci-fi show

Your best comment: It's more likely that given how many SF genre shows have failed of late, that ABC just didn't feel like seeing another one with no cachet at all be just an expensive failure. And folks, there's no guarantee that Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D is going to appeal to enough punters to survive either as weekly shows are far different in viewership than movies are. — Cat Eldridge