Star Wars pin-ups, steampunky coolness, new Who pics and more!

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Dec 16, 2012

Science fiction is the gift that keeps on giving. And this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments are some of the giving-est of the year! Check out some Star Wars pin-up girls, SF weapon replicas and steampunk awesomeness, hero holiday cards, tasty seasonal food, new Who pics, Santa mashups, the Star Trek intro that almost wasn't and ... the coolest map of Westeros you'll ever see! Click now, click hard, click often!

Our story: 12 Star Wars pin-up girls will turn you to the Dark (or Light) Side

Your best comment: I have to give him props that he used REAL looking girls for this. I also liked the costumes, tho I think some of them should have had costumes more fitting to their body types...not hatin', just sayin' — Tracey

Our story: 26 sci-fi weapon replicas that'll make killer holiday gifts

Your best comment: Love the Kaneda jacket. I guess the American version will have a branded pharmaceutical on the back so they can sell it. Nothing like a punk kid with a Celebrex on his back. — Cavar

Our story: 21 awesome handmade gifts for those steampunk lovers in your life

Your best comment: Some of these are great. But some are just a case of "sticking cogs on things". Steampunk should be; clockwork, steam-powered, chemically unstable, over-engineered, finely detailed and functional. I think #20 is the steampunkiest. — Adam Dorman

Our story: 14 stunning superhero holiday cards sent by Marvel and DC Comics

Your best comment: #s 8(great art !)& 9 ( I dunno...Something about Jonah Hex being in 'The Christmas Spirit' grabs me) are excellent...

But #14 is just a cruel joke...

Who wants a GL-Ring-created 'gift' that will evaporate when the Ring-Charge wears off? — EDGE

Our story: 30 deliciously useful cooking gifts that'll satisfy sci-fi foodies

Your best comment: Ok, i want it all and yes even the wonder woman apron, it's the only way i'll keep my girlish figure. But how do i get my wife, errrr santa to buy me all these wonderful toys if i don't know where to get them??? — Jay

Our story: 12 ancient paintings containing surprising evidence of aliens

Your best comment: The thing I find funny about this particular article is that its all an assumption that these are paintings and drawings of aliens and ufos. People in our era didn't just spontaneously grow imaginations, imagination has been around since the dawn of man. So what I see here is a lot of pictures of things imagined by the artists that created them, especially so since they are just pictures with no proof backing them up as being extraterrestrial in origin. How do you know the people that painted or drew this stuff just were not bored and decided to just draw a doodle? — MidnightSun

Our story: See aliens at sea in new pics from Peter Berg's Battleship

Your best comment: The picture of "Pop star Rihanna" firing the gun is likely enough to keep from ever seeing this movie. — RobertT

Our story: 30 jolly sci-fi Santa mashups to put you in a Christmas mood

Your best comment: Hagrid as Father Christmas is awesome, add in the freaked out Harry and Ron, an gleeful Hermione, and Luna's weird, adorable outfit... and it just made my day. — Liz

Our story: 13 gifts that will make your Star Trek fan live long and prosper

Your best comment: Money may not buy happiness, but it CAN buy Trek swag and THAT makes me happy! Merry Trek-Mas to all! — JinglestheDestroyer

Our story: 18 magical new Who pics will have you feeling like it's Xmas NOW

Your best comment: I didn't see any Timelords in this one. I guess they are not returning for now. Come on people, don't think for a second that the race of Timelords have been vanished forever. The Doctor or River will bring them back (the way they were). The Timelords are returning! The Doctor will once again get called back to his home planet on occasion or do a deed for them every so often. The Timelords are coming, but maybe not this Christmas. — Turtle Mix

Our story: Get ready for Thrones S2 with the most detailed map of Westeros ever

Your best comment: A D&D game where speech and sense motive is better than combat skills. Would be one heck of a complicated game if it's in the Game of Thrones world XD — Louis

Our story: Read Gene Roddenberry's clumsy stabs at Star Trek's famous opening

Your best comment: How many times in tv/movie history has this happened? Seems like so many classic lines (ST opening verse as stated, Han's response to Leia telling him she loves him), scenes (RAIDERS sword fight) are conceived minutes before or during filming. Some things just can't be planned or scripted. — Hellroy