Star Wars wastelands, zombie-fication of SF faves, and more!

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Dec 16, 2012

The holidays are upon us ... as is the penultimate edition of 2011's Hottest Stories and Best Comments. This week we see Star Wars wastelands, the Top 10 Images of the Day, favorite non-zombie films get zombie-fied, embroidered comic heroes, a (short) Hobbit teaser, and 13 Jewish characters celebrating Hanukkah! Happy holidays from Blastr!

Our story: Star Wars invades real-life urban wastelands in 14 stunning pics

Your best comment: Dewbacks in a winter enviornment?? Not likely! Should have used Tauntauns, all of us on the North Ridge ride Tauntauns, Dewbacks are cold-blooded and therefore go into comas in cold temps. — Northern Frontier

Our story: 40 perfect final frames from classic sci-fi and fantasy films

Your best comment: The listed final frame for Bladerunner comes from the studio tacked on ending. Ridley Scott had intended for the final frame to be of the elevator doors closing on Deckard and Rachel standing in the elevator followed by a black screen before the credits roll. — KJ

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Your best comment: I couldn't stop rolling in the aisles over the Warcraft/grammar one. It is the funniest thing I have seen in a while. As an avid Warcraft player constantly frustrated by the grammar mistakes in chat, and the begging for dungeon run-throughs, I just had to identify with the person giving the grammar lesson. — MaryAnn

Our story: 17 Hollywood classics reimagined as bloodthirsty zombie thrillers

Your best comment: Jumping zombie sharks! YES. — The Sci Fi Show

Our story: Walk into Mordor with 21 pics of amazing conceptual Nazgul armor

Your best comment: That dragon brings new meaning to "fire crotch" — Catie

Our story: Feast your eyes on 4 stunning new official Dark Knight Rises pics

Your best comment: Is he as big as Bane looks in the comics? No. There are few men a live that are close to that big anyway. Face it, there are not many great actors who are Mr Olympians. Being BIG like Bane is far less important than getting the character right. Much as I love Arnold, being BIG did not make him a great "Mr. Freeze" it made him a parody of himself. — Dan

Our story: Metropolis and 5 more classic sci-fi films stunningly reimagined

Your best comment: People forget that Doctor Who has been reimaged before, and I am not talking about the 1996 movie which wasn't a reimage. In fact, if you look at it correctly, Doctor Who was reimaged twice. I am talking about the two Dalek movies from the 1960 where the Doctor in both cases was fully Human and the TARDIS an Earthly invention. While the films were extremely different from what Doctor Who actually was, one can't help, but notice the great acting done by Peter Cushing. The other actors were a bit of drag, but Peter Cushing both times follow through with a great performance. No wonder he was chosen to play in Star Wars. If Peter Cushing had been born in the 70s, there is little doubt that he would have at least been offered the role of the Doctor today. — Awonda

Our story: Astronomer: 6 reasons why aliens would NEVER invade Earth

Your best comment: The movie Alien Nation had a pretty good alien invasion excuse: the aliens were escaped slaves, or something like that, seeking refuge on earth. They picked a bad planet, though, because ocean water corrodes their skin like battery acid for some reason — ABR

Our story: 12 insanely cute pics of embroidered (really) heroes and villains

Your best comment: Very cute. The only characters missing are the Fantastic Four. It would be easy to do. You would only have to stitch 3 characters. — nohater

Our story: 15 cursed horror dolls we hope Santa won't be delivering this Xmas

Your best comment: The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the title was that doll from the X-Files. That freaking terrified me when I was little, made me really hate my Amazing Amy doll. — Liz

Our story: After 8 years, Star Wars Galaxies MMO ends (and guess who won?)

Your best comment: I do not play them (and make jokes about people that do!) but I am glad I clicked that link. That was a very well-written article. It actually made me a bit nostalgic for a game I never played. — sco

Our story: Dwarves, Gollum and the green Shire in 1st trailer for The Hobbit!

Your best comment: I have never understood this knee-jerk reaction some people have that makes them want to hate something just because everyone else loves it. Do you think it makes you superior somehow? That because we're "lemmings" as you put it, we can't possibly have the cultural aesthetic of a film scholar such as yourself? Seriously, if you can't appreciate LOTR and the upcoming Hobbit films for the absolute love letter to the books and it's fans that it's intended to be, how do you even call yourself a SF/Fantasy fan in the first place? These are the movies we wait for! Yes, there are disappointments (the second Star Wars trilogy and Indy 4), but Peter Jackson has seldom mis-stepped on the road to Middle Earth, my friend and if you can't see that...if you can't appreciate that, then why are you even here? — radiodaze

Our story: 13 fantastic Jewish characters who'll be celebrating Hanukkah

Your best comment: Re: Zoidberg not being kosher, I've always said: doesn't it make sense to belong to a religion that says it's illegal to eat you? — Paul Hahn