Hottest & Best: Body-painted Fett, Trek/Who Crossover and more!

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Dec 16, 2012

This week's edition of Hottest Stories (as calculated by your very own clickies) and Best Comments (whatever moved the conversation along, made us laugh, or just seemed "best" at the time) is filled with love, toys, bears with fish, Trek/Who, John Carter, scantily clad bounty hunters, zombies, Spock tattoos ... and a farewell to a friend.

Our story: Image of the Day: Lady Boba Fett in revealing body paint (NSFW)

Your best comment: I`LD CLONE THAT FOR A DOLLAR! — EDGE

Our story: Face off against 17 sci-fi actors made ancient by old-age makeup

Your best comment: Nothing necessarily all that false about Daniel Radcliffe's age effects in HP8, especially since he's only supposed to be 30-something. This picture of me was taken at the age of 60-something -- and I'm not a wizard.

Apart from that, how about Mira Furlan as 140-year-old Delenn in "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars"? — John

Our story: 14 sci-fi characters who'll (sniff!) spend Valentine's Day alone

Your best comment: Captain James Tiberius Kirk alone on Valentine's Day? I think not. He would be host to an interstellar orgy if his past record says anything for Jim. — ChimiChow

Our story: 10 awesomest Star Wars toys and swag we saw at Toy Fair this week

Your best comment: I always wondered why there was no Tarkin action figure in Kenner's original line in the 1970s. After all he was a pretty relevant character in the film. I'd always assumed that Peter Cushing had never agreed to allow his likeness to be used in that manner or something, though it seemed odd considering what a genre film star he was. — Melora

Our story: 'Have you seen these droids?' + 10 more funny sci-fi street fliers

Your best comment: It's not like this is some obscure trivia buried in the Appendices; it's one of the first things Gandalf tells us about the Ring. FotR, Chapter 2:

'I cannot read the fiery letters,' said Frodo in a quavering voice.

'No,' said Gandalf, 'but I can. The letters are Elvish, of an ancient mode, but the language is that of Mordor, which I will not utter here.'

(end quote)

Do I need a girlfriend? Well, I doubt my wife would like the idea. — Paul

Our story: New video shows live woolly mammoth crossing a river ... or does it?

Your best comment: When you've seen a million orcs rushing Helm's Deep you know that you can't trust pictures or movies anymore. — Kermonk

Our story: 9 TV treasures we found at Toy Fair: BSG, Thrones, Fringe and more!

Your best comment: All the rest can stay on the showroom floor.... give me my Munsters Action Figures! Those are awesome, and some of the best likenesses of any characters turned into action figures I have ever seen. I liked the use of themes from Munsters Go Home, as the movie was fun and full of quirky actors and didn't lose the feel of the tv series at all. — beggly

Our story: 9 of the best Avengers collectible toys that'll be assembling soon

Your best comment: That figurine of Scarlett as Widow shows she wore her skintight outfit way too tight and it cut off her circulation and crushed her limbs! — Boogienosedman

Our story: An official Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover? Make it so!

Your best comment: I always figured "The Q" was an homage to "The Who" anyways...

Their apparent omnipotence, all of which is seen thru the eyes of the Enterprise/Voyager crew, could be achieved via time travel.

That's right, The Q = Timelords — Lare

Our story: Mega gallery of 40 John Carter pics makes Mars even more epic

Your best comment: You might point out that Hinds and Purefoy were both in the superb series Rome. Hinds played Julius Caesar, and Purefoy played Mark Antony. — David Dvorkin

Our story: 7 real-life reanimations that have us fearing a zombie uprising

Your best comment: After watching that movie, I think my 15 year old son put it best when he said "Well, that's just F'd up" — Jaxx

Our story: Image of the Day: Woman tattoos Spock and Mirror Spock on her chest

Your best comment: In 15 years and a couple kids, those will look like a couple bad Salvador Dali paintings — clane

Our story: Grant Wilson reveals that he'll be leaving Syfy's Ghost Hunters

Your best comment: I'm very sorry to hear that you are leaving Grant. My husband and I have been watching since the show started. I hope you have great success in whatever path your next adventure takes you. We would love to see you come back as a consultant or guest to Ghost Hunters. So that we may see you from time to time. Your contributions to the research for truth as it pertains to the existance of Ghosts and the paranormal, has been inspiration. Thank you. — Theresa Maddock