Sexy aliens, toys, new Trek, Firefly mashup and more!

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Dec 16, 2012

This week's edition of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments brings us the best of what's around. Big Bang Theory + Firefly! Gorgeous sci-fi actors unmasked! SF toys! New pics from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Trek and Prometheus! A mashup of Star Wars and The Last Supper! And also: Other things that require exclamation marks!

Our story: Image of the Day: Big Bang Theory cast reimagined as Firefly crew

Your best comment: Really, Sheldon as Jane... he would kick his own @ss — Mephisto

Our story: Face off with 12 gorgeous sci-fi stars made up into ghastly aliens

Your best comment: As good as Chipo Chung's Chantho makeup was, I'd nominate Sarah Parrish as the Queen of the Racnoss in "The Runaway Bride" for biggest and most hideous transformation done on that show. Also, thanks for the shout-out to "K-9", which I still don't think has gotten any kind of American showing or video release. (Thank goodness for my Region 2 DVDs.) — Math Guy

Our story: 24 great sci-fi guest stars from 500 episodes of The Simpsons

Your best comment: Dudes at Blastr! Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore!

Marge's sisters kidnap Richard Dean Anderson from an SG1 convention and force him to solve McGyver puzzles! Can't beat that. — Sarah

Our story: Hobbit plushies, Tron bikes and 11 more must-have Toy Fair finds

Your best comment: Hoverboards don't run on water, unless you got POWER!!! — Shadow

Our story: Winter's here! 26 epically awesome Game of Thrones fan art pics

Your best comment: Nice pictures but #22 shouldn't be called the 7 kindoms. The pic seems to draw your attention to the 7 Faced God than Westeros — Nigel Uno

Our story: 1st set pics from Doctor Who's 7th season tease intriguing casting

Your best comment: Question is why is Nic Cage lurking in the background? run Pond RUN!!! — joski

Our story: Insane Last Supper mosaic made up of 70,000+ Star Wars images

Your best comment: Amazing. I never figured out how people do mosaics. Do they start with a picture of the finished product and then fill in the tiny pictures or do they literally "build" the final product out of the tiny pictures? — Mctrek1

Our story: 7 Stan Lee creations that should have been movies a long time ago

Your best comment: the inhumans could be a GREAT tv series if done right (read HBO or BBC). They'd also need to cast right for Black Bolt, since he doesn't speak. And Lockjaw would have to be treated in a not-stupid way. Class drama, betrayal, romance, action, super powers, aliens - it could be a very deep world with a lot to explore. — theblear

Our story: Benedict Cumberbatch learns not to mess with Spock in 1st Trek 2 pics

Your best comment: Yes, yes. The movie is a profane violation. We know: JJ Abrams has ruined all Trek, past and future for ever, no do-overs. Clearly, as you've all been saying for several years, Nobody is going to see it, and if they do, it will only be because they are much less Trek-y than thou, who are the final arbiters of all things Trek. We await with great trepidation the return of the Great Bird of the Galaxy, who, in his mighty wrath, shall no doubt poop tribbles all over the heinous production company. And all before the movie is even screened.

Sigh. — rkf

Our story: Awesome int'l Prometheus trailer: New footage, more face-melting!

Your best comment: If you blink at the wrong intervals, you miss this entire trailer. — Dt

Our story: 13 supernatural TV series that (lovingly) ripped off The X-Files

Your best comment: Since Carter freely admitted that the original 1974 "Night Stalker" was his inspiration for "The X-Files," wouldn't all of these actually be ripoffs of that "Night Stalker" show? — SHADO 1980

Our story: Why Patrick Stewart 'panicked' when Star Trek: TNG became a hit

Your best comment: "I wasn't interested in science fiction, which is a source of irritation to many fans of the show..." Not me to be honest I think it's awesome that he had no interest in the genera and yet played his part so well. I thing that's a true sign he's got skills... — Dakota Frank