New Watchmen pics, end-of-the-world hotties & Luke's FB page!

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Dec 16, 2012

Sometimes they're funny. Sometimes they're serious. Sometimes they enhance the science-fictional conversations of the day. No matter their agenda, they're always the Best Comments portion of the weekly installment, "Hottest Stories and Best Comments." Click through to see if yours made the (sometimes arbitrary and capricious, yet totally valid whims of the editor) cut!

Our story: DC releases details (+ 8 pics) of controversial Watchmen prequel

Your best comment: Personally I'm a big fan of slaying sacred cattle. My initial aprehensions pretty much vanished when I saw the talent list. I'm going to be all over the Brian Azzarello. Artist: Lee Bermejo :Rorschach combo. I'm excited by the Hughes Dr. Manhattan arc. As an aside I'm thrilled to see Adam Hughes doing storytelling again (since him doing only covers has been a massive waste of his talent). I'm only hoping the talent pool (which includes some legendary "late" folk) will keep up. this may get me back into the Comic store again. — ARTISTWKG

Our story: 12-month apocalyptic pin-up calendar: Sexiest end of the world ever

Your best comment: Usually I get all annoyed at the ridiculous amount of sex stuff posted, however...*GRABBY HANDS* — Meg

Our story: Lennon, Shatner, Ali and 12 other strange celebrity UFO sightings

Your best comment: Sammy Hagar wasn't even in Van Halen during 1979's Van Halen II album. That was David Lee Roth singing. Hagar didn't show up until 1986's 5150 album. Please get it right. VHII blew away any Van Hagar album, as did the other 5 classic VH albums before he joined the band! — VH Fan

Our story: Face off against 11 phobias which inspired freaky monster makeup

Your best comment: Oh no! They finally learned how to use my fear of facial hair against me! — Jen Luwies

Our story: Image of the Day: Awesome comics hero and villain alignment chart

Your best comment: It's a good mix of DC and Marvel, which makes me happy. Most of the characters are iconic enough that even a layman comic book lover like me knew who everyone was, but I can't read the smallest text (I'm guessing from all the other alignment charts that have been posted over the last few weeks, those are quotes are applicable statements about the characters). — Peter

Our story: Censored, sexy proof that Emma Peel inspired X-Men's Dark Phoenix

Your best comment: Emma was actually, according to John Byrne in an old interview, the inspiration for the white queen, not Jean Grey. Jean Grey was actually inspired by Raquel Welch - the original entire Hellfire Club was inspired by real actors - Seb. Shaw was drawn like the late Robert Shaw, Pierce was Donald Sutherland — Nick

Our story: 8 fan campaigns that saved series--and 14 (sob!) that failed

Your best comment: My favorite show of all time, HBO's Carnivale was cancelled after 2 seasons (which was only 1/3 of the planned story). As the series took place in the 30's, fans sent telegrams to HBO. It unfortunately didn't work. — Scott K

Our story: 4 pulpy posters recast Star Wars' great rivalries as boxing matches

Your best comment: What about Han vs. Greedo evan though that match ended pretty quick and was highly contraversial, I say it deservers some recongnition. Or Lea vs. Jabba even. — Nigel Uno

Our story: 10-year Spawn legal feud between Gaiman and McFarlane finally over

Your best comment: Even though it's hip to look back and say how bad everything was in the 90's, Spawn was an insanely huge hit, Gaiman should have credit and be fully compensated for the part he had in creating it. — lindyxmjh

Our story: Look who'll be playing Oliver Queen in The CW's Green Arrow pilot

Your best comment: A lot of the comments about the new show sound an awful lot like the comments before Smallville first aired over ten years ago. That show worked! This show will either work or it won't. Change however can be a good thing. And just like in comics, character stories are changing constantly with new arcs and teams of hero's all the time. This will be a cool story to unfold and watch. You don't want a clone of Smallville, but something just as good and different. — sayge

Our story: Cute-as-a-button would-be Companion builds herself a TARDIS

Your best comment: I dont do women and I am in Love with her...a geek, a handyman, beautiful, talented and great taste in furniture. She has to get a gig on Dr who for this, and her own reality show ....and I hope a long list of wedding proposals, those genes need to make it back into the pool. I cant wait to watch her make a Dalek. — cameron lewis

Our story: Image of the Day: How Luke Skywalker cleaned up his Facebook page

Your best comment: WTF!!! Bros before Hos! — Han Solo