Sexy mermaids, Jewel Staite, sucky blockbusters & more!

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Dec 16, 2012

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments is brought to you by the letter S: Sexy (mermaids! Olga Kurylenko!), Steven Moffat (talks Who's fan favorites), Jewel Staite (stinky durian?!), Superman's semi, Star Wars on steroids, Stargate (alumni status), sucky SF blockbusters and ... sci-fi horror censorship from NASA.

Our story: Get wet with 22 strange, scary and sexy movie and TV mermaids

Your best comment: I'll be in my seashell. — SkyScottt

Our story: 9 pulpy sci-fi movie posters from an alternate cinematic universe

Your best comment: I really liked all the posters. The only miscasting I think, is Leonard Nimoy should be playing Zod and Clint Eastwood should be playing John Mclane. — Superc903

Our story: 17 blockbusters so horrible even their creators say they sucked

Your best comment: With the caveat that it was 1984 and I was 11 at the time, I must say that Dune has been and continues to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Perhaps it's the nostalgia factor. I love the book and have read it a dozen times, and yeah, a lot of stuff is different, but visually and dramatically it was vastly superior to the more recent TV miniseries in my opinion. So while the creator may disagree with me, and while it may belong on this list for that reason, I still really dug it, and I'm not entirely alone. Long live the fighters, etc. — YKeeg

Our story: What 11 Stargaters have been up to since the series ended

Your best comment: Whoa... such excitement when I saw the word "Stargate" in the title and the photos of Amanda Tapping, Jewel Staite and Chris Judge, followed by such disappointment when I realized that this wasn't an announcement that Stargate was returning... — Lophius

Our story: 3 classic sci-fi movie cars pimped into stunning vintage ads

Your best comment: Just wondering what the advertising would be for the land speeder from "Star Wars: E4" and the Ecto 1 from "Ghostbusters — Akiko Harada

Our story: Steven Moffat teases the return of a Doctor Who fan favorite

Your best comment: If the actress is coming back to play a brand-new character, then that's fine with me, so long as the character is memorable. She has already demonstrated she is a fine actress.

If Moffat is just messing with our minds, then I'm guessing he has writer's block at the moment and is trying to distract himself from that bit of a problem at the expense of the show's fanbase.

If he is sincerely thinking of bringing back the girl in the fireplace, though, I can only hope that he realizes that the sequel(s) to Yesterday's Enterprise (ST:TNG) weren't nearly as good as the original and, in some quarters, detracted from what was otherwise a stellar episode. Sometimes sequels are simply bad ideas.

Choose wisely, Mr. Moffat. Please. — Nimbus74

Our story: Jewel Staite: Firefly's Kaylee vs. Stargate's Keller--who'd win?

Your best comment: Ok. I always love Jewel's posts. But the durian comment truly had me laughing out loud. Yes, I know what it is and yes I have tried it. (Durian not Jewel sadly. ) That said, I wonder if she is banned from so many southeast Asian hotels as durian is. Hah. So you the fruit. I suspect Jewel is nicer on the outside than durian but I'll leave the rest of the similarities to someone who knows Jewel better than I. Thank you for making me laugh out loud in a most inappropriate place. — MidwestMedic

Our story: New Man of Steel set pic reveals some major superdestruction

Your best comment: I'm sure Adam Savage would say "Well, there's your problem" right about now... — Crusade2267

Our story: New Star Wars Underworld revelations: It's 'Empire Strikes Back on steroids'

Your best comment: George: "So Han Solo is on the run from bounty hunters and he hides in fridge. And then the bounty hunter sets off a space nuke and sends him flying like a mile away, allowing Han to crawl out unharmed and escape."

Rick: "George, once again you've done it! These scripts are golden!" — Nat Q

Our story: Meet the sexy stars joining Tom Cruise in his untitled sci-fi film

Your best comment: Olga Kurylenko's best part was her role in Hitman. Really got to see her enitre.. uh... range. — Cheapshot

Our story: POLL: So does Alcatraz have what it takes to be the next Lost?

Your best comment: Jury is out...watchable but also afraid of the "thug of the week" format. Although it should be judged on it's own terms as opposed to compared with Lost...what was great about Lost was that we "didn't know what we didn't know." With this one we already know the questions we need answered so as interesting as the mythology may be, it also is already layer out for us. First show didn't have the motional mmph that first episode of Lost or Battlestar Galactic did...a new show should not worry as much about setting everything up in the first episode as much as drawing us in. Didn't quite get that from the 2 hour Alcatraz opener. On another note: HURLEY RULES! — RickPoet

Our story: Why (and how) is NASA censoring an 8-minute sci-fi horror movie?

Your best comment: NASA could use some good PR and public good will. A movie, even a short one, actually filmed in space will draw a lot of attention and buzz. So what that NASA "paid for the sets"--especially since they would have had to pay for them anyway. It's not like they were designed to be sets or incurred any additional costs around making them sets. Calling the space station a "set" they "paid for" is like Congress blocking every Hollywood movie with an exterior shot of the Capitol building or White House on they grounds they paid for those sets. The whole "set" argument is incidental and a fictional piece filmed in space would be a huge PR boost for an agency in need of public support. — Clyde M