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Dec 16, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments highlight some wonders of humanity: man-made items as seen from space, a lovingly made (and soon-to-be-ruined) Trek dream home, our favorite superheroes (Avengers! Batman! Captain America! Wonder Woman!), the tragedy of Firefly and ... wacky theories brilliant scientists actually believed.

Our story: 15 stunning satellite pics of man-made objects visible from space

Your best comment: I suddenly realized the thing wrong with this story is that everything is visible from space these days with telescopic cameras. I can plainly see the garbage cans sitting in front of my house on garbage day (great day to have taken the pictures) using Google maps set on satellite view. The original thing was, "What man made objects can be seen from space with the naked eye."...not using a telescope or camera with a big lens on it. — JackB

Our story: Divorce destroys Star Trek dream home guy took 10 years to complete

Your best comment: I can't help but wonder if he was such a stickler for detail, that he built in a self destruct feature?

"Everything must be run by computer. It is the only thing speaking. 9-8-7-6-5-4-3..." — MCP001

Our story: Is Red Skull in The Avengers? We have an answer! (and some new pics)

Your best comment: I'll take anything as long as they don't bring back Howard the Duck. — BlackOoze

Our story: Salute the sinister with incredible early concept art for Batman: Arkham City

Your best comment: i like the solomen grundy one he looks like one of the zombies who looks like a jacked up frankenstinen — Mark

Our story: 9 series that tried to be the next Lost (and why they failed)

Your best comment: A common response to this kind of thing: "the evil networks dumped (insert show here) because it was too intelligent." No, the networks dump shows for one reason: ratings. These shows are expensive, and if they don't bring in enough ad $$ to show a profit, they're gone. Lost kept its audience. Most of the shows on this list drew big viewership at first, but failed to keep viewers coming back week after week. — Howards Turn

Our story: What are the 14 most expensive sci-fi, fantasy and horror books?

Your best comment: A First Edition of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" goes in the $20,000-$100,000 range. (Copy #1, hand-assembled by L. Frank Baum, himself, as the sheets came off the press, has never been sold, but would quite possibly go for a million or more.) — John

Our story: The World Series moment that told an insider Firefly was dead

Your best comment: Same way they killed Defying Gravity by calling it Grey's Anatomy in space, just because it was written by the same guy. That show had a lot of sci-fi potential, dead practically before it aired... — KenaciousD

Our story: Download the motherlode (400+ pages!) of original Akira storyboards

Your best comment: Wanted to give credit: This was created by Dan Fraga, a huge Akira fan and member of the Art of Akira Exhibit page on Facebook. I couldn't find an easy way to email staff, so I'm posting it here. — Joe Peacock

Our story: So who's the latest star angling to be a big-screen Wonder Woman?

Your best comment: When Lynda Carter filled out that costume during the 70s, it set the standard on who plays Wonder Woman. Even the comic books adapted that WW is pretty well endowed, not as Power Girl, but pretty good sized.

So it's hard to find an actress who can physically "measure up" for the part and fan expectations. WW is also described as at least 6' tall without high heels.

There are lot of actresses who can play the part, it's finding one that not only can play the part, but look the part as well.

I have to agree with The Bonk, in the pictures that I've seen she may have a hard time filling Lynda's costume. — Londeaux

Our story: Captain America actor may have revealed Marvel's 2014 mystery movies

Your best comment: McDonough, imo, is one of the most underated actors. The dude can play any villain role to perfection yet slip into a hero's one and sell it. Dungan, "one day I'll have a stick of my own" line in CA was indeed the best line of the movie. Then again, who am I to argue w/ the fan boy universe. — Kraven

Our story: 8 incredibly dumb theories famous scientists actually believed

Your best comment: Not a bad article, but it would be more appropriately named as "8 incredibly dumb IDEAS famous scientists actually believed" since none of them demonstrated any of them to be true. And of course the term "theory" is reserved for the highest level of certainty that a hypothesis can reach within the scientific method (which is never 100%).

Also, Newton believed in alchemy.

And for the record, several of the commenters seem to miss the last paragraph of the article which states the goal of the writer. And the fact is there are many brilliant, scientifically-oriented minds who also develop some very strange, and sometimes very dangerous ideas, as the article points out. — BatDaddy

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