Great moments of 2011, SF ass-kickers, nostalgia and more!

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Dec 16, 2012

As we enter 2012, the first batch of Best Comments landed on the first batch of the Hottest Stories of the past week. Click through to read about ass-kicking science-fictional special forces, Star Wars nostalgia, great galleries and moments of 2011, Frazetta's original BSG ads and ... Iron Man's desire to be a little bit taller.

Our story: 10 of the most ass-kicking special forces in sci-fi movies and TV

Your best comment: The colonial marines? Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but they got their asses kicked! Game over, man. Game over! — Boratus

Our story: 11 nostalgic pics prove that growing up with Star Wars was awesome

Your best comment: I remember one Christmas, money was tight as usual, and my father was worried I wouldn't like what was in the largest box. It was just a non-descript cardboard box. He knew I wanted some Star Wars action figures, and he convinced some store to sell him a bunch of their action figures in damaged casings. There were maybe two dozen figures. Some of the weapons were missing, but the figures weren't damaged. Dad didn't really need to worry. It was a great Xmas for a Star Wars geek. — Troll Stomper

Our story: Our top 10 galleries of 2011: Star Wars, Star Trek and more!

Your best comment: I always cringe when I see that Worf and Dax photo. One of the worst Trek plot lines in history. — cpagerun

Our story: 5 new pics from The Hobbit, The Avengers, Prometheus and more

Your best comment: You know what's really cool about the Thor / Captain America pic? They don't look silly standing there in their costumes. I really mean that. — Jaxx

Our story: Holy frak! Frank Frazetta's 1978 Battlestar Galactica TV ads

Your best comment: Beautiful work! Was looking at the first ones thinking "if only they were in colour," and you roll along, and then they are.

I never cared for the original BSG, even at the time, but think the new is one of the greatest shows of all time, but even I can appreciate the artistry of Frazetta, and the excitement he captures.

And I remember those novelisation covers, too. Old as I am, the memory still works! — Pixel

Our story: Rumor of the Day: Robert Downey Jr. wants a boost for Iron Man 3

Your best comment: I like the way Michael J. Fox put it. When you are a short actor, you stand on a box. When you are a short star, everyone else stands in a ditch! — Manos

Our story: Doctor Who star scores mysterious Star Trek 2 role

Your best comment: Noel Clarke is a great addition - action, comedy, emotional, this actor can do it all. Just look at Doctor Who - his role could have just disappeared after episode one but the actor made it someone you liked and cared about! — JHarnes

Our story: POLL: What December season TV finale did you like best?

Your best comment: Far and away the best mid-season finale was "The Walking Dead". Talking about going out with a bang (many of them)! And the final seconds were a stunner. — ScottA

Our story: Gallery: Your top 10 Images of the Day of the year

Your best comment: 10 best pictures of the day of the year

1 worst picture viewer of the year — Jason

Our story: Top 11 Moments of 2011: Apes rise, dragons dance, Ridley returns and more!

Your best comment: These are all great moments in sci-fi and fantasy. But I think you should go for an even dozen and included Peter Bishop's disappearance from reality on Fringe. — nohater

Our story: Mark Wahlberg slams studio for ruining his Planet of the Apes

Your best comment: only had two problems with Tim Burton's Apes film. The first was Wahlberg himself because he was never interesting enough to headline a film. The second was the ending, which I felt they'd just desperately plucked out of thin air as a ridiculous attempt to try topping the twist of the original film - but it failed miserably. Other than that, it was alright. Mostly. — Melora