Hottest & Best: SDCC costumes, Batman and three-breasted ladies!

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Dec 17, 2012

Comic-Con was a week ago and we're still reeling from the awesome. But the great thing about a sci-fi hangover is the cure: more sci-fi! This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments features Comic-Con recaps (including those costumes you loved so much!), Dark Knight highlights, an adios to Eureka, Game of Thrones and Breaking Dawn pics, and the thing you've ALL been waiting for ... the three-breasted lady from Total Recall. Click now for a free serving of the hair of the dog that bit you!

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Your best comment: Aren't you a little hot for a stormtrooper? — MWolverine

Our story: Bill Murray + 12 more actors who almost wore a big-screen Batsuit

Your best comment: lmao my first thought was that would be REALLY weird for Jake and Maggie in The Dark Knight! — Jordan

Our story: 27 fan-made Dark Knight Rises posters better than the real thing

Your best comment: For huge fan attached films like this the studios should hold an open poster contents winner(s) poster in advertising. A lot of great talent would get discovered like this, you'd get a lot more ideas than from just a few people you higher, and it would make the community a lot more excited. I'm surprised studios aren't doing something like this already. — Alexander

Our story: Say farewell to Eureka with 19 of the show's awesomest inventions

Your best comment: Somehow, Eureka managed to put the world (or at least the town) at risk due to some bit of runaway science, and yet still come off as optimistic about what science can do for us. I'm going to miss that. — Donald

Our story: 7 comic book storylines we'd love to see in the next Batman movie

Your best comment: The Long Halloween is hands-down my favorite Batman story, and made an amazing graphic novel. You'd need more than a single feature film though, if you wanted to do the story justice. I certainly wouldn't want to see an overly cut-down version of the story, it just wouldn't be right. — Patrick

Our story: Meet 14 new faces who'll war for Westeros in Game of Thrones S3

Your best comment: Dammit now every time I see Orell I will be expecting his eye to fall out. — Gabriel

Our story: Dark Knight Rises + 15 more SF pics accused of being too political

Your best comment: I particularly chuckled over the description of The Day After Tomorrow: "some conservatives believe this is a reference to global warming." Yes, it was a subtle movie in that regards. You'd be hard pressed to say that was the agenda from watching the movie. Because the characters certainly never reference it. The Cheney look-a-like playing the VP certainly never fights with the protagonist over it.

Yes, Sheldon, that was SARCASM! — CrazyOkie

Our story: 1st look at Guardians of the Galaxy concept art + 5 new Marvel logos

Your best comment: How do you make one of the highest grossing movies of all time and then turn around and say "You know what sounds like a good idea? A tree-man and a raccoon with a laser gun! Make it so!" — Bear

Our story: Face off against the vamps of Breaking Dawn 2 in 24 new promo pics

Your best comment: The best ending for this franchise would be, Hugh Jackman and Anthony Hopkins to come out of nowhere and start staking the hell out of these Vamps all the wile Morgan Freeman narrates it. — Norm

Our story: New pics give best look yet at Total Recall's three-breasted alien

Your best comment: I know right. she obviously has had work done. I like natural three breasted women better. — peter

Our story: So what did Comic-Con think of Dredd, Arrow + 4 more sci-fi pilots?

Your best comment: Problem is that success at Comic-con has NOTHING to do with success in the real world. Some stuff that works there works in release, and just as much that works there flops on release. If you went by Comic-con, Scott Pilgrim (which I liked)should have been a monster hit. So I hope Dredd does well, but it could still be a huge failure. — Ron

Our story: We just saw the 1st terrifying teaser for the new Godzilla movie!

Your best comment: Where's the love for Godzuki? He's been waiting forever for his franchise to start. Poor kid. It's like Prince Charles waiting for the Queen to pass... — Chad