Hot & Best: Supes, noir comics, Ironman, Wolvie & B5!

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Dec 17, 2012

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments brings you all the things we love: spooky haunted cities, kick-ass superheroes (Superman! Batman! Ironman! Wolverine!), post-apocalyptic Mad Max vehicles and a Babylon 5 bio. Also, sad news for fanboys everwhere: Turns out those three boobs in Total Recall ... are fake! (In other news, "We were shocked—SHOCKED!—to find gambling going on here!")

Our story: What we learned from 1st Wolverine set photos and concept art

Your best comment: I would go on to say, Yes...Why....? Well, I don't think they can get worse than the first movie, plus it looks like they are focusing on a particular time in his life rather than hitting the fast-forward button. Considering they are going to incorporate his first wife in this movie, I doubt that it will be going to any other time in his life. So, far it looks promising. — Israel

Our story: 4 classic Marvel superheroes reimagined as pulpy noir paperbacks

Your best comment: There's a fairly large group of people who enjoy the new Hardcase Crime collection of novels (which reprints old pulp mystery and crime novels and publishes new ones). I'd love to see something like this coming out of their imprint, even if they weren't actual Marvel superheroes. — Baramos

Our story: Check out 10 creepy abandoned cities still haunting America

Your best comment: A lot of those cities were one industry, company towns that dried up after the industry went bust. Others were abandoned after a natural disaster, like floods or tornados. There are larger cities, such as Pontiac, MI, that can are on the edge of being a "ghost town" right now. — Capt. Paul

Our story: 13 exciting new Dredd pics show off explosions and big, big guns

Your best comment: MY motorbike helmet also seems over-sized and ill fitting. That's motorbike helmets for you.. What can you do?? This version of Dredd seems to be set in a post apocalyptic "make do and mend" culture responsible for many retro aspects, not the jazzed up future where science has been able to produce effective paper thin head armour like Stallone's. Its a good realistic take. Clearly the microscopic budget forced the filmmakers down this route but I don't think they could have done better with the resources they had. I notice the actors managed just fine with the iconic red X too. — Otis McNutt

Our story: Watch before it's gone: Full-length bootleg Man of Steel trailer

Your best comment: What I don't get is that we, the fans, get stuck with a crappy 1:12 teaser and the group of fans that can afford the cost of the ticket, a room and the time off of work get this sweet trailer. I'm not trolling but it just ticks me off that this happens to us and the studios, that rely on us and our money are quick to yank these trailers down. — RJ

Our story: 4 awesome Star Wars recruiting posters urge you to join the fight

Your best comment: Work on the Death Star. Where railings are for wimps. — Raw1980

Our story: Tom Hardy pic teases Bane's Dark Knight Rises back-breaking scene

Your best comment: "Break my back, I'll phart on your knee!" — Butttman

Our story: Get a good look at even more big, bad Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles

Your best comment: Its a "Brown noise" mobile ;) — Jason

Our story: 6 things we learned from Claudia Christian's tell-all Babylon 5 bio

Your best comment: Interesting that she is bi for real (I didn't know that before now) and her character was bi (albeit very implicitly since this was the 90s). I wonder if her being bi for real had anything to do with them making the character that way. — Hyperwraith7

Our story: The bugs are back in action-packed new Starship Troopers trailer

Your best comment: As long as they have the original Mobile Infantry exosuits I'm in. — Anton

Our story: WTF is happening in these bizarre Iron Man 3 set photos?

Your best comment: Check out the chick in the white shirt. One probably shouldn't wear a short skirt if you're going to be hanging upside down on camera. Wish they had zoomed in. — roy

Our story: Check out 2 Man of Steel trailers running with TDKR this weekend

Your best comment: This is a beautiful trailer. I see it as a way to bring us close to Clark Kent by showing him as the guy on the street, no different from you or I, just as accessible and relatable and with all the problems anyone would have. But when the world needs a hero, Clark becomes Superman. I like how this looks and feels. — Cabhan

Our story: Fanboys force Total Recall's 3-breasted alien to deny they're real

Your best comment: Clearly there were far more than three boobs in attendance. — The Doctor