Hottest & Bestest: Walking Dead, Hobbits & ... Naked Fillion

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Dec 17, 2012

The mercury is rising to records heights across the United States ... and here on Blastr, as well! If you think you can stand the heat, click through for a naked Fillion collectible, a list of unlikely SF friendships and new pics from Middle-earth, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Mad Max: Fury Road and more.

Our story: Firefly's Browncoats + 15 more sci-fi freedom fighting forces

Your best comment: How about the ragtag group of freedom fighters led by Lt Cmdr. Scott Bernard in the third installment of Robotech?! Fighting the mysterious alien Invid from South America, to Denver, to New York City, to the final showdown with the Invid Regis and saving the last remnants of humanity on Earth. C'Mon!! — Peter

Our story: Bizarre new Firefly collectible features a naked Nathan Fillion

Your best comment: That's Captain "Tight Pants" to you, son - not Captain "No Pants". — KC

Our story: Head back to Middle-earth with 10 awesome new Hobbit pics

Your best comment: Whatever, dude.

Yes, Smaug gets killed in the end, but the dwarves don't kill the dragon. So what is your point, anyway? 12 dwarves is not much of an army.

The only problem I have is that so much of it seems to be additional material, extrapolated from Tolkien's books, it seems like much more than for LOTR trilogy, but PJ is right about the Dwarves. In the book, most of them don't really have much "screen time" and having all those dwarves and having nothing for them to do or say for most of the movie, and noting to differentiate between them just won't make for a good movie. PJ had to do something with them, and with the caliber of actors taking the dwarf roles, he's got to have some real meat for them.

And after the last three movies, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Jackson and comany seem to know what they are doing.

We've seen so many cr@p adaptations, and so few good ones, you wonder if it can be done at all. I look at these movies, at least the three we have seen, as examples of how classic genre books CAN be adapted to film. — Andrew VH

Our story: 1st look at Diana Rigg in 13 revealing new Doctor Who set pics

Your best comment: Even after 46 years, Dame Diana seems to fit well with guys in a 3-piece suit and a bowler hat. — Capt. Paul

Our story: Check out these famous photos invaded by Star Wars action figures

Your best comment: Shouldn't that be "Iwo Jawa" on the 5th picture...? — Casey4147

Our story: 8 comics heroes that show Steve Ditko is more than just Spider-Man

Your best comment: Steve also created the early 'revised' version of Iron Man's armour, changing it from the all grey / very thick Mark 1 style to the red and blue, streamlined look that is the basis for his look today. And his Mister A character was acknowledged by Alan Moore as the basis for Rorschach. — Brock Parks

Our story: Firefly's Mal and Jayne + 9 more unlikely sci-fi friendships

Your best comment: A lot to choose from, but I am a little stunned they did not include Londo and G'Kar from Babylon 5. — Bormon

Our story: 1st look at Walking Dead S3's prison--complete with zombies!

Your best comment: Now at least, they can put Carl in a cell so he won't wander off.
God, I need a drink.
— Old Crusty

Our story: Ride on Mad Max: Fury Road's steampunk gas truck in 1st set pics

Your best comment: Wouldn't something being gas powered automatically disclude it from being steampunk.

Anyway, at some point I would think they'd run out of tires and air-pumps before they'd run out of gas. — Alexander

Our story: Concept art shows Spidey and the Lizard were almost very different

Your best comment: I kinda like the various Spidermen, particularly 1 and 3 (though let's be honest, 4 wasn't even really trying. Of course that may be more like what a homemade costume would look like). Lizard 1 is pretty cool, too, but I'm not a fan of the increasingly less human look. That was my main problem with Spiderman 3. Spiderman 1 and 2 had human baddies and they worked. Three got into "living sand" and space aliens and became a big hot mess. Spiderman can be a little more fantastic than Nolan's Batman series, but I still prefer the more human villains to the truly comic booky, less human ones. — Clyde M

Our story: Marvel's finally talking about its super-secret new Avengers short

Your best comment: Wasp, Quicksilver, Goliath (Hank Pym), and Scarlet Witch need to be next up to bat in The Avengers, but not in a short...they need to be part of the Big Event! Incidently, why put the shorts on just Blu-Ray? Some of us only have a player for the good old regular DVDs. Put it on there, too! — Goldilocks

Our story: Trek's Picardo shares sly trick that won him a First Contact cameo

Your best comment: That's how you play the game. With everything not just show business. You bend things to your will by not breaking it and forcing someone else to fix it making your idea the only one available. You put a bug in multiple ears and let it take off from there.

It may sound like some conspiracy, but it's not it's getting things done without being direct about it. Being direct may be honest, but being honest isn't how things always work out.

I liked Voyager because more can be done with the hologram that humans can't do. The doctor needs his own movie. — unknown

Our story: Disney reveals its secret animated Marvel super group movie

Your best comment: I think they wanted a property that was so obscure that it didn't really have any connection to the mainstream characters. They wanted to use characters who probably wouldn't be getting their own live-action film or ever appear in live-action. A property they could pretty much do what they wanted with and not step on the toes of what Marvel was doing with the Cinematic Universe.

I think they also wanted something that was more kid-friendly. While Power Pack and Runaways are kid-friendly, they will probably have a live-action film at some point, so they weren't as desirable as Big Hero 6.

I also think Alpha Flight is a part of Fox's X-Men license. — tanner

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