Hottest & Best: Sickness, sex, Staite, sci-fi and ... dads.

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Dec 17, 2012

On this Father's Day weekend, the Hottest Stories and Best Comments seems built for everything a dad enjoys: sci-fi films that made people sick, SF Minecraft, a Star Wars-tastic home theater, kick-ass sci-fi dads, math lessons, Jewel Staite and ... the real reason for all the sex, nudity and exposed jiggly bits in A Game of Thrones.

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Your best comment: "And trust me, I can take down a lot of sliders."

Whoa! My mother is the only one who could take a sandwich like that. — KC

Our story: 15 sci-fi movies so intense they literally made people sick

Your best comment: My high school sweetheart and I attended the local premiere of (a pre-PG13) Gremlins back in the day. A child somewhere behind us began to SCREAM in sheer terror when the gremlin exploded in the microwave. Good times. — MetalPause

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Your best comment: Poor Serenity, it looks a bit like a seal with a glitter skirt. — Howstheweather

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Your best comment: The eagle he flies high above us. The eagle makes our spirits soar. He gives us the strength to carry on, and fight to win this war! — Matt

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Your best comment: Is this the home of the folks who own and run Paizo Publishing? The location is correct, and I'd often heard that Vic and Lisa were big Star Wars fans with a huge collection of memorabilia. — Aberzombie

Our story: Jor-El + 12 more sci-fi dads who saved their kids from apocalypse

Your best comment: Sean Connery should be on this list!! He taught Junior to be self-reliant and they saved the world from immortal nazis!!!! — Will De La Fuente

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Your best comment: Cool! I enjoyed that and learned a bunch of stuff. What could be better? OK, You could have served ice cream. — Douglas

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Your best comment: This is the man who chastised the Daily Show for having the globe spinning the wrong direction in their opening credits. Catching scientific errors are one of his many things, along with being generally awesome and genuinely passionate about space.

Can't really forgive the movie for this mistake. Besides the fact it takes about 2 seconds to find out how many miles 35 ly is, no one who was on the first mission of this distance and magnitude wouldn't know exactly how far to their destination it was. It's like a sailor being on the Santa Maria when it landed in Haiti and saying "Man, we must be what, like 200 feet from Spain by now?" — Clyde M

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Your best comment: Did the guy painting the Alien poster get to see the film first...? — Dj

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Your best comment: Never have I witnessed so many people trying so hard to justify a bad movie... — jsunstorm

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Your best comment: Seeing Pepper in her own armor would be great. Even just having Tony working on a prototype of Pepper-sized armor would be good. — Alacrity Fitzhugh

Our story: Director explains the perverted reason for all that Thrones nudity

Your best comment: Oh yesssss we do! We need EQUAL time for the ladies. Come on HBO, hire a female Perv Maven to oversee all future episodes. I get sick of all these t**s, I want boy bits! — Sliff