Hot & Best: B5's bird, Spidey, Trek and general, overall hate

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Dec 17, 2012

Come get your sci-fi geek on with 13 of the Hottest Stories and their accompanying Best Comments of the week. In the past seven days we've posted about recycled props, Comic-Con, 50 years of Spidey, upcoming hero-movie logos, Prometheus secrets, hated Hollywood adaptations, new Trek details, The Tasty Dead and more! Oh yeah, also: The cast of B5 tells us that we're #1!

Our story: Celebrate 50 years of Spider-Man with 50 amazing comics covers

Your best comment: This really makes you appreciate the history of Spideman. — Kraven

Our story: Kirk's crazy car + 12 more sci-fi props recycled in movies and TV

Your best comment: Sad that they forgot the most used car of them all. Sam Raimis car was reused in almost every movie he had anything to do with. — Pete

Our story: 18 awesome exclusives we'd kill to get hold of at Comic-Con

Your best comment: Give it a few days and the word exclusive will have given way to the words "on eBay"... — Jason

Our story: 1st tantalizing look at logos for Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Avengers 2

Your best comment: If a Black Widow stand-alone movie isn't feasible, they should do a SHIELD movie featuring her, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury. (Avenger cameos wouldn't be criticized.) I'd watch that. — Redderbeard

Our story: See 7 classic Marvel covers before the editors made them perfect

Your best comment: This was a good article. I had a nice discussion with my son about this article because he wants to be an artist and comparing the early pictures with the final product allowed us to discuss different things artists need to think about, what all goes into designing artwork, etc. It allowed me to Combine quality time with my son with a useful learning experience with something he likes to do. I'd like to see more of this sort of thing on Blastr. Thanks. — jdmimic

Our story: Most mistake-filled movie of 2012 is also the biggest blockbuster

Your best comment: These guys clearly haven't watched Prometheus yet. — Nat Q

Our story: Image of the Day: Handy chart shows how Prometheus species are born

Your best comment: This is why people shouldn't sleep with their cousins... — Amiko

Our story: Here's the translation of what David asked the Prometheus Engineer

Your best comment: I thought he told him a "yo-Mama" joke and the alien guy just didn't understand android humour. A member of a hyper-intellegent race is asked a question in his own tongue by another alien race and the first thing he does of course is to turn into a crazy, hulk-smash, Frankenstein's monster,...guess it makes about as much sense as the rest of this "movie." (emphasis on the sneer quotes) — napoleonwilson

Our story: 6 genre authors who HATED Hollywood's adaptations of their work

Your best comment: I used to work in a bookstore in the Beverly Hills area near where one of the biggest talent firms in the world was based. Almost every day, people from that firm would stop in a ask the crew for suggestions. What's new? What's exciting? Then they'd buy the books and have a random fresh-off-the-boat reader write up coverage. Based on that report, they'd choose to read it themselves or drop it. If they read it and liked it, they'd at least attempt to option it. Then they'd package the idea with a star and maybe a director before they shopped it around town. Several writers would take a shot at adapting it while years passed. Eventually a studio would bite and the project would go into real development, maybe for years. Then it would pass to another studio and so on and so on. So, is it any real mystery why the material is so lacking by the time it actually hits the screen??? The hamburger bears very little resemblance to the cow, ladies and gentlemen. — Tom Black

Our story: Image of the Day: Entire cast of Babylon 5 giving us the finger

Your best comment: They must of found the letter Sheldon Cooper sent TBS about the show. — Capt. Paul

Our story: Trek 2 screenwriter reveals who definitely WON'T be in the sequel

Your best comment: Bob Orci also answered a question from a caller about Star Trek on TV. Orci stated that they are indeed looking to put Trek back on TV, but the TV rights are owned by CBS and get a little complicated. The caller suggested that the series, if animated, need not be in the same universe as the movies and Orci agreed.

You're welcome. — Big Mac

Our story: Bloody awesome Walking Dead cake too disgusting (and cute) to eat

Your best comment: I even hate Carl in cake-form. — Raw1980

Our story: Producer blames John Carter's failure on Disney's 'mistakes'

Your best comment: It's easy to blame sites like Blastr for the unjust demise and bad press around John Carter, but these sites can only report on what the studios do and put out. If they're confidently asserting a clear positioning for their film and backing that with effective commercials and trailers, that's what's going to get reported. If they're putting out muddled plot synopses, vague marketing, and if infighting between the creators who believe in the product and execs afraid of evoking the memory of other failed movies starts leaking out, that's what's going to get reported. Bottom line, if Disney's execs just told people what the movie was and why to go see it, it would have found an audience and done very well at the box office. Instead they avoided referring to Mars (because of the recent failures of other Mars themed films), avoided referring to John Carter's period origins (because of the failure of period set 'Cowboys and Aliens') and ended up saying nothing of interest to anyone who would have actually wanted to see this movie. — Captain Obvious