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Dec 16, 2012

It's St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy a pint of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments of the week. Herein you'll find sci-fi backstabbers, new Avengers posters, Joss Whedon talking Firefly, an R-rated Galaxy Quest, a newly discovered Challenger video and more!

Our story: Celebrate the Ides of March with Lando + 14 other sci-fi backstabbers

Your best comment: Lando redeemed himself, got Leia off of Cloud City, and helped save Han, destroy Jabba and his gang, and lead the attack on the second Death Star. Everyone else on that "rogues gallery" paid for their treachery one way or another. Lando shouldn't even be in that gallery. — Capt. Paul

Our story: See Doctor Who's Wild West cyborg villain in 27 new set pics

Your best comment: I'm sensing some Yul Brunner gunfighter influences from "Westworld," the first movie about LARPing gone wrong — klybourn

Our story: Face off against 14 eye-popping Michael Westmore makeup creations

Your best comment: The guy does great masks, but that's what we always see, a person in a mask. One of the biggest problems with aliens in almost every TV show and movie is the aliens don't look alien enough. They look like a guy in a mask... — zosolias

Our story: 5 posters that are (finally!) worthy of The Avengers' awesomeness

Your best comment: Maria Hill's head looks like it's about to do an Exorcist 360 — Carmen

Our story: 9 scary (and sometimes silly) shark props from movies and TV

Your best comment: Image no.4 looks awfully like Jaws:The Revenge... What about that Craig T. Nelson/Kim Catrall movie "Creature"? — Zahra

Our story: Indy + 11 more sci-fi characters who have the luck of the Irish

Your best comment: And Ron's best stroke of luck: Hooking up with Hermione. — PrezGAR

Our story: Sigourney Weaver reveals there's R-rated Galaxy Quest out there

Your best comment: I could swear when I went to this show on opening day that in the scene where the aliens go to Tim Allen's characters house that when he bend over in front of the one alien while in his bathrobe you could see his sack. I remember thinking OMG did they just do that in a "kids movie". But later on when I saw it on HBO or whatever that scene and a lot of the curse words were no longer there.

Am I crazy or did that shocking scene exist in the theatrical 1st day release and was later removed to make the show more family friendly? — DD

Our story: 6 superheroes who got their powers from being lousy scientists

Your best comment: Not to be too much of an uber-geek here, but I grew up adoring the Barry Allen Flash, so I just want to point out here that, according to Crisis on Infinite Earths, when the Flash pushed his speed to the limits to destroy the Anti-Monitor's weapon, it pushed him backwards through time ... and the lightning bolt that struck the shelf, bathing Barry Allen in the chemicals was actually the Flash himself moving backwards through time. So ... in ret-conning during Crisis, it wasn't just an accident or being silly and leaving open a window ... it was meant to be, whether that window was open or not.
Thanks. I'll go back to trying to convince myself that I'm not really an uber-geek now.
— Cris

Our story: Joss Whedon says he still hasn't given up on a Firefly revival

Your best comment: Found this little tidbit on the stock market page and figured I'd share,"Netflix is using its original programs to market its subscription service to new customers. Netflix is rumored to be reviving cult series like Arrested Development and Firefly, both of which were canceled well before their time, to draw in loyal fans. — Mhuzinec

Our story: 12 geektastically hilarious sci-fi moments from NBC's Community

Your best comment: And although not technically sci-fi, I thought for sure the BeetleJuice appearance would make the list--the joke was set up over seasons! Not acts, not episodes, but seasons! Brilliant. — Waterland

Our story: Rumor of the Day: And Doctor Who's next companion is ...

Your best comment: *FANGIRL FLAIL SO EPICLY BIG SHE SMACKS HER HUSBAND* Oh, sorry, honey. — Meg

Our story: Carl Sagan's son on the one thing alien movies always get wrong

Your best comment: That's why I love Macross and Starblazers. They got the invasion part right. — Red Mask

Our story: Newly discovered video of Challenger disaster will break your heart

Your best comment: I'm not american, I still remember being affected by this. I remember getting up in the morning and seeing it on the news in NZ, it was one of those few bizarre days where everyone seemed to share the same feeling of shock.

As much as it was an american tragedy, it was also heartbreaking for all of us who share the same love of exploration and adventure. — Burt

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