Best of the Week: Avengers, Trek, Who, Riddick, science & more!

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Dec 16, 2012

The seasons have changed, but the Hottest Stories are still hot and the Best Comments are still ... comments. This week look back at sci-fi-inspired rock bands, werewolves old and new, Avengers and Trek pics, kick-ass young women, the new Who companion and a zombie-like disease affecting children in Africa. Click now for your Saturday treat!

Our story: 12 Avengers pics get us inside S.H.I.E.L.D.'s awesome helicarrier

Your best comment: Somewhere, Patrick Stewart is asking, "Why does Samuel L. Mother-[Censored] Jackson have a cooler command chair than I did?" — Helicarrier Fan

Our story: Duran Duran + 20 more rock bands whose names came straight from sci-fi

Your best comment: Minor note about The Mekons: Their leader, Jon Langford, is the brother of Dave Langford, who has won something like 824 Hugo Awards. So there's another SF connection in the group right there. — Ray Radlein

Our story: 8 actors who've worked both sides of the Star Trek/Star Wars divide

Your best comment: Choosing between SW or ST is not a ether/or thing in our household. We show our fandom for Star Wars in the living room and our fandom for Star Trek in our bedroom. We also have special spots for my Sailor Moon, Powerpuff Girls, and Hello Kitty memorabilia as well. We enjoy fandom, [not] pigeon hole it. — kittykat kiki

Our story: 18 scary (and sometimes silly) werewolf costumes from movies and TV

Your best comment: "Wolfman got nards!" — Zahra

Our story: 16 of sci-fi and fantasy's most dangerously kick-ass young women

Your best comment: What about Isabelle from the 4400. She went on a killing spree when she was technically about 3 years old. — Nick

Our story: New Trek 2 set photos give 1st glimpse of John Cho back as Sulu

Your best comment: It seems like Spock is ready to play some basketball. — Shadow

Our story: Could the Star Trek sequel be banishing Uhura's famous skirt?

Your best comment: As far as I am concerned, isn't that what Gene Roddenberys goal was in the first place? To create a future where all people are actually equal, so her not having a skirt on would make sense because she is just one of the crew members like everyone else. It is just like the crew of Voyager calling Janeway Sir, even though she is a woman. Do we really think there will be gender inequality still in the 24th century? — Forrest

Our story: It's OFFICIAL! Doctor Who's next brand-new companion will be ...

Your best comment: She's so damn adorable she looks like a Disney creature. — Whodatninja

Our story: Uh oh! Do 1st Elementary set pics reveal a Sherlock ripoff?

Your best comment: I think Martin Freeman hasd those same boots that Lucy Liu has on in one episode as well. — Rich

Our story: Astronomer: What a Space: 1999 lunar explosion would really be like

Your best comment: Might be "Retcon" but when they did the revamped 2nd season, the producers said they were clarifying that the moon blew ABOVE the plane of the solar system and almost immediately (after it's contact with the wandering into the solar system "Meta/Terra Nova" planet) entered a "wormhole/space warp" (as kinda shown in the new opening credits with the moon and slitscan effect, which was their "go to" effect for "wormholes/faster than light travel"). Maybe no more "scientific" than the original premise but at least they were trying to explain how the moon got so far away so quickly (and maybe why they kept encountering new planets/star systems to regularly)... — Koenig

Our story: 9 Pop Art posters give Dark Shadows that candy-colored '70s look

Your best comment: If I ever get to see Burton & Depp in public again I'll thank them wholeheartedly for Sleepy Hollow and then swiftly kick them both in the nuts HARD for this abomination. — DD

Our story: Is there a REAL zombie outbreak going on right now in Africa?

Your best comment: Hmm constantly wandering off you say? Guess we now know what is wrong with Carl in the Walking Dead — xdeathknightx

Our story: 1st look at Katee Sackhoff (and a very creepy creature) in Riddick

Your best comment: Viscous monsters are more terrifying than vicious monsters; largely because of the goo. Spell check is NOT proofreading, Pro. — ghengisbob

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