Hot & Best: Hulk stank, SF pets, rockers acting, Arrow & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

In this edition of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments of the week we rock out with SF rockers turned actors, dab Hulk-stank behind our ears, adopt sci-fi pets, discover Weyland-Yutani in the damnedest place, consider board-game movies, cheer The CW for its Arrow decision and realize that the end of the world probably ain't happening. (But just in case it might: Click now!)

Our story: 16 best (and worst) sci-fi performances by rockers turned actors

Your best comment: Dance, magic dance...David Bowie in those too-tight pants scarred me for life! — Jdeebs

Our story: See how The Avengers came to be with 17 stunning concept illos

Your best comment: I think its cool that the SHIELD Helicarrier is CVN 67, the same number as the USS John F Kennedy. — Trackpads

Our story: Hulk cologne + 14 more bizarre sci-fi movie tie-in products

Your best comment: Because nothing says Captain America is the peak of physical perfection like a donut. — Raw1980

Our story: 11 adorable parody cartoons reimagine memorable Avengers moments

Your best comment: Rather than trolling and gabbing around on the internet, she has effectively found an enjoyable way to express her appreciation of multiple genres of "geekdom" while providing witty commentary. What's great about it is that it is humble and it's done in a way that is most often not hurtful or disrespectful. She's getting all of this positive attention because she has elected to do something creative. Her work is consistent and she is completely dedicated to her "fandom" and her fans alike.

I stopped reading the comment of most BLASTR articles because sci-fi and fantasy nerds are the worst trollers around. Rather than criticizing what other people are doing in regards to this kinds of stuff, why not find a creative outlet. — Benjamin

Our story: Data's cat + 23 other sci-fi TV and movie pets we'd love to adopt

Your best comment: Can't believe you missed out 1812 - the DRD from Farscape. Up there with the best of the best sci-fi pet side kicks! — Shell

Our story: Easter egg shows Firefly and Prometheus exist in the same universe

Your best comment: The tag line for the Weyland-Yutani corp "building better worlds" is also something the Operative said in Serenity. — Kendall

Our story: What's up with those 6 other board games being made into movies?

Your best comment: I am still waiting for them to make a movie thats based on the game Yatzee — RobertC

Our story: Image of the Day: Poster for Justice League film we always wanted

Your best comment: Everyone please retract your comments... All that needs to be said is, yes Yes HELL YES!!!!!!! — Mike

Our story: The CW decides the fate of Green Arrow and Beauty and the Beast

Your best comment: So tired of "dark and gritty"! The Avengers worked because it gave us fun superhero action. Why so serious DC? Robert Downey Jr was right. — Rob Penticoff

Our story: 4 new Falling Skies promo posters tease mech-filled 2nd season

Your best comment: Is that a Sharkticon? — Tim Shelton

Our story: Newfound Mayan calendar proves world was never gonna end in 2012

Your best comment: Article should say "SPOILER ALERT - World saved by newly discovered calendar." — UnRiel

Our story: Which TV actress wants to be She-Hulk so bad she turned green?

Your best comment: Hmmm The City Maintenance Department is going to have some strong words for that young lady...

Our story: Can [REDACTED] ever return after what happened in The Avengers?

Your best comment: My wife swears she saw him floating around in the background of a shot near the end. I didn't see it myself. But it wouldn't surprise me that they faked his death, but if they did, should give him a break until the next avengers, and let it be a huge surprise. — Alex