Hottest & Best: X-Files, Buffy, Batman, Dark Knight & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

Blastr drives strong to the hoop this holiday weekend with the Hottest Stories and Best Comments on some of the biggest franchises in all of SF. Don't believe me? Click through for stories on X-Files' 10 years later, Buffy's greatest hits, new Batman pics, Star Wars' effect on filmmakers, DC & Marvel fighting for gay rights and Obama discussing aliens. If none of that gets you to click, then your sci-fi heart is dead. (Hand me the paddles, please. CLEAR!)

Our story: 10 years after The X-Files: Where are they now?

Your best comment: The cigarette smoking man is "avuncular"? I do not think it means what you think it means. — Allen out of Rosetta by Raymond

Our story: Do you agree with Joss Whedon's list of his 10 favorite Buffy eps?

Your best comment: [In response to a comment about our spoiler note.] I agree with you in principle, but you'd be surprised about how wigged out people get about spoilers. I had several people get all wigged out on me when talking about the end of the 70-plus-year-old "Citizen Kane." Seriously. SyFy.com is wise to cover themselves with that disclaimer. — Tom

Our story: 14 sci-fi movie boycotts (and what turned people into protesters)

Your best comment: That Dark Shadows Facebook group is hilarious. 85 people have joined and they are congratulating each other for being behind the film's failure to succeed at the box office. — Ian

Our story: TDKR heroes and villain are ready to rumble in 6 epic new posters

Your best comment: Maybe I'm reading too much into this but am I the only one who has noticed a Christian theme to this trilogy?

1. In movie 1. Bruce Wayne basically wanders through the desert. At the end, when Gorden says "I never said thank you" Batman responds "and you'll never have to (always gives me goosebumps at that part)..."

2. In movie 2 he is basically crucified and takes on the sins of another (two face)

3. in movie 3, batman "rises"

I'm not complaining. this is just something Ive noticed. Ill have to see movie 3 to see if my theory holds up. — farscape482

Our story: J.J. Abrams + 11 more sci-fi supergeeks on why they love Star Wars

Your best comment: Had the privilege of my family being first in line at the 7:00 pm showing of SW 35 years ago at some podunk theater in the suburbs of Chicago. My dad somehow had the prescient thought this was something we'd all dig. Before SW, it was feathered hair, terrycloth tubetops, bell bottom jeans, tiki wallpapers and wood paneled station wagon vacations on hot highways. After SW, my effing view on the world blew up. There were X wing Fighters, blasters shooting lasers, a kid who became a hero and rescued the princess in space and...dag! I was a babbling idiot (and still am according to my wife) the next day at school trying to tell other kids about this world. I'm old school SW and no movie will ever change a cultural landscape at the time it came out like SW (pre New Hope) did. — TDK

Our story: Wild Prometheus PR stunt turns Paris metro into alien-ridden world

Your best comment: From what I've experienced on the Paris Metro I'm surprised anyone got to see this nifty PR stunt with all the train operators on strike. — Lilja

Our story: DC Comics is about to turn a major character gay. But which one?

Your best comment: I'm thinking Martian Manhunter... get it, "Manhunter", it makes total sense. — Matt

Our story: RoboCop will play Batman in yet another Dark Knight movie

Your best comment: can we get some classic robo lines snuck in there? "Dead or alive, you're coming with me!!" "Your move, creep!!" — will

Our story: Marvel confirms first-ever same-sex superhero wedding

Your best comment: Can't Iceman and Storm just take a freaking seat like everyone else? Northstar's big day and they're in the background showing off. How rude. — Nat Q

Our story: 4 massive new Dark Knight Rises banners show Gotham in ruin

Your best comment: Every time I see Bane with his collar turned up like that, all I can think of Kirk in The Wrath of Khan. It looks silly. It won't stop me from watching the movie, of course. — asocalguy

Our story: Will Smith's kid asked Obama about aliens. And the president said ...

Your best comment: At least he didnt ask if he liked his father's acting....! — Kraven

Our story: So what does snubbed Hulk star have to say about Avengers now?

Your best comment: I got from the comics that Banner is up there with Reed Richards on the intelligence front, and is probably smarter than Stark. That didn't come across in the Avengers very well, and less so in Norton's Hulk film — Dj