Hottest & Best: Halo 4, new BSG, Star Wars rumors, T5 & more!

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Whew! What a week! This edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments left us exhausted. (In a good way.) We're overjoyed at any and all of the following that we reported on: Halo 4 concept pics, more BSG, Star Wars rumors (and gags), Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, Arrow's Huntress, G.I. Joe's new trailer, T5 teasers, and The Rock hulking out for Halloween! If you, too, wish to be exhausted by a copious amount of SF awesomeness, then by all means: Get to clickin'!

Our story: 1st look at 8 epic, exclusive Halo 4 concept art images

Your best comment: My 50+ beautiful wife and I play video games (gears (all), halo (all), borlands (1 and 2) together. I don't know where you are in life, but its a lot of fun to watch a mother of 4 take to a chainsaw with such glee in her eyes.
She is a better shot and more adventourous then I am at times.

But man can she play...sometimes its as good as fore playing.

All, if you want to save or spice up the marriage try gaming together. There is a rock star warrior in these mature ladies. — AgedWarrior

Our story: Check out Mike Judge's new, NSFW time-traveling Idiocracy shorts

Your best comment: The was the funniest, scary movie I've seen. I say "scary" because I wouldn't be too surprised to see this happening down the line honestly. — Michelle

Our story: Battlestar: Blood and Chrome to debut as web series Nov. 9

Your best comment: This looks awesome! However, I wish Scifi (I refuse to use that lame new moniker they go by) would forego production of such "classics" as "Sharktapus" and other lame monster faire and throw their money into something like this. This deserves to be on television. Not relegated to a "multi-platform" (sounds like Mr. Stern got a hold of a recent marketing buzz words book...) way of showcasing the show. I think the channel CEO's and head of programming have been woefully out of touch for a very long time. Relegating something this cool to the web is another tell tale sign of how clueless the top brass really is. — ProperVillain

Our story: Rumor of the Day: Ford happy to play Han again (on one condition)

Your best comment: My brother and I had a lot of fun as kids putting the Han Solo action figure in a cup of water and putting him in the freezer. We pretended that he was frozen in carbonite and then we would throw him off of our balcony and watch the ice shatter on the cement below. Ahh, good times. — SciFi Fan

Our story: Hilarious limericks recap iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes

Your best comment: Now that Xander's quite a good guy. His bad luck can make just cry. The tough plans he backed. Courage not lacked. Till some priest guy ripped put his eye. — Raw1980

Our story: Three rebellious Disney-Lucasfilm mashup poster ideas for Star Wars VII

Your best comment: Captain Jack Harkness was right "The 21 century is when everything changed." — buggers

Our story: Hugh Jackman lets out the claws in 4 new Wolverine set pics

Your best comment: I heard somewhere that wolverine regenerated back from a single cell, but I have no idea if its true or not. — Redhulk

Our story: 1st look at Arrow's revenge-seeking Huntress in costume

Your best comment: I just wish comic book movies would quit thinking a leather black jumpsuit for guys or gals constitutes a costume (ie: X-Men, Hawkeye, Black Widow, etc.). The comics had it right back in the 60s and 70s. Do them exactly like that! We want to see who we want to see! — Goldilocks

Our story: Dwayne Johnson spent Halloween as the hero he was born to play

Your best comment: Man, that hair looks like it was ripped off Fred Flintstone! — Brad

Our story: New G.I. Joe trailer reveals what's changed since the big delay

Your best comment: Dan missed the point here. Fans are not upset that Magic Mike died in the trailer... They're upset because DUKE died! You just can't kill off the popular main character of a series in the opening sequence...DUH! — Kraven

Our story: Mark Hamill's 1st reaction to new Star Wars: 'What? Are you nuts?!'

Your best comment: A much better title for the article would have been:

Mark Hamill's 1st reaction to new Star Wars: 'No. No. It's not true. That's impossible! Noooooo!" — Shane

Our story: Sounds like Terminator 5 is finally coming (and here's a hint!)

Your best comment: Well in the books that came out with young John Connor had the character Arnold portrayed. He was a FBI agent or some government agent that skynet uses since he was a trusted friend of John Connor and Sarah Connor. — Stic

Our story: 5 new Hobbit pics show off the freaky Misty Mountain goblins

Your best comment: What? These are pics from The Hobbit...that's the cast of Jersey Shore. Just look at the second pic: Long pointed ears, giant piercing demon eyes, skin of a water-bloated corpse, and herpe sores around the mouth. Tell me that's not Snooki... — Ororo

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