Hot & Best: Joss, Nathan, George, Ridley ... they're all here!

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Sep 18, 2015, 3:33 PM EDT (Updated)

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments brings out some of our favorite people, such as Nathan Fillion, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, Joss Whedon, Christopher Eccleston, Cybermen, Thor, Weeping Angels, Oz, Arrow and the Huntress. And, oh yeah: Check out the really cute Bantha-doggy!

Our story: Disney planning 2 or 3 Star Wars films a YEAR!?

Your best comment: the thing that always worked in Star Wars faivor is that few & far bewteen left desire, mystery & interest... too much too soon could be over kill...dont get me wrong very interested but "I've got a bad feelling about this" — theodore

Our story: Arrow and Huntress have their hands tied (literally) in 13 new pics

Your best comment: Is it just me or does the Oliver Queen actor look like Chris O'Donnell? — Raw1980

Our story: See concept art for awesome tech that never made it into Iron Man

Your best comment: I think it looks like something from the animated flick CARS, and it is totally unnecessary. IM can fly for pete's sake. Why does he need a car mimicking his superhero theme? Maybe they were thinking that Pepper could drive this car. — raddog5

Our story: How to turn a Barbie doll into a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who

Your best comment: Don't do it! Even the image of a weeping angel can be inhabited by an angel! This can only bring danger and sorrow! — Matt Haberman

Our story: Get a closer look at Oz: The Great and Powerful in 6 gorgeous pics

Your best comment: The one and only film made in Detroit (pontiac actually) that we are thrilled to be coming out. Can't wait. — Carrie

Our story: 5 new pics give 1st real look at Doctor Who's redesigned Cybermen

Your best comment: They look like Iron Man and the Kull Warrior from SG1 had a child. — art101

Our story: Do these set pics reveal Christopher Eccleston as Thor 2's Malekith?

Your best comment: It took me a while to figure out that this wasn't a picture of Thor 2 action figures. Longer than I'd like to admit. — Dowhead

Our story: Concept art shows how much freakier the Munsters could have been

Your best comment: The concept art just proves that Fuller was coming from a completely wrong direction in recreating the series.

If would be almost the same as if someone remade the Beverly Hillbillies but with inbred violent rednecks clashing with snobbish Hollywood elite, and people end up dead in the process.

The original, silly fun of the original show was completely lost in the pilot/movie. The Munsters were always trying to be a "Normal American Family" despite their ancestry and biology.

Grandpa never got to really suck anyone's blood. Hermann didn't look like a model with unfortunate stitching tattoos and was always worried about being found out. Plus, Marilyn came across like a pretty, innocent looking serial killer, which was creepiest of all.

Fuller not only missed the mark, he flew right by the target altogether with this cincept. — ummm

Our story: Firefly star: 'I don't get' why Joss Whedon hasn't made Serenity 2

Your best comment: I don't know Joss Whedon, but I suspect, since he is under contract until 2015 with lots of products to create/produce/oversee/etc, he won't have time for his own stuff (ones not already underway) until the end of his contract. But, seriously, anything you see here will be just speculation. Only Joss knows for sure. — Richard

Our story: Video of dog dressed as Bantha from Star Wars will melt your heart

Your best comment: Reminds me of the time I shaved a collie so it looked like a lion. Got in a wee bit of trouble that time, says I. — Brad

Our story: Watch a concept clip from Ridley Scott's aborted 1997 I Am Legend

Your best comment: I enjoyed the Will Smith movie. But it was nowhere near as good as the book. And apart from the premise, it was a totally different creature. Love the make up here. But then I'm a believer in good practical effects over CGI. CGI should be used to tweak and tidy up shots and for things that just can't be done practically. — Zero cool

Our story: George Lucas reveals how involved he'll be in Star Wars VII

Your best comment: And, that big whooshing sound we hear is all the excitement about the new Star Wars being flushed down the toilet. If we face facts, we know that Lucas did strike gold with the original movie, that "Empire" was brilliant because Lucas didn't direct it, and the failures in the franchise really began with Lucas' obsession with marketing in "Jedi". That's not to even mention the disasters of the last 3 movies.

The less Lucas, the better. — Steve

Our story: Nathan Fillion reveals the Firefly episode that was never filmed

Your best comment: When I read "dogfights" I thought of space combat dogfights and thought "cool, imagine the visuals" then I read on and how its them ripping off basically Michael Vick's home with Pitch Black thrown in and went "...oh." — kletus