Hot & Best: Great SF gifts, fighting robots, side boob & more!

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Jan 14, 2013, 1:38 PM EST

The temperatures are dropping outside, but it's heating up in here with the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. This week's installment features great holiday gifts (for Whedon fans!, for DVD fans!, for Whovians!), Star Wars film updates (and snowflakes), superhero Twinkies, Sackhoff's side boobage in Riddick, fighting robots on Syfy and, oh yeah ... Curiosity (kindasortamaybe) discovered life on Mars. For all these stories and more: Click through now!

Our story: Awesome Serenity replica + 24 other great gifts for Joss Whedon fans

Your best comment: Actually, the Coulson cards come near mint and blood-stained, as the picture indicates.— PrezGAR

Our story: 20 insanely elaborate movie DVD sets that'd make great holiday gifts

Your best comment: Ah, just wait until next year! To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of "Doctor Who", I predict that there will be a limited edition release of every single episode in existence, up to and including the fiftieth anniversary special, with all of the behind-the-scenes extras you could want. All contained in a full-scale TARDIS replica cabinet! — Math Guy

Our story: 28 perfect Doctor Who gifts that look just like the TARDIS

Your best comment: The Dalek key chain is epic! Any attacker that sees me with that is going to think twice about hurting me! The sonic screwdriver key chain comes in close second. — Chocolate Cheese

Our story: Who's out and who's still in the running to direct Star Wars VII

Your best comment: Excript from Tarantino Script.
Han Solo: "Man, I think I just shot Jar-Jar in the face."
— Phil

Our story: Say farewell to Hostess with 10 weird superhero ads from the '70s

Your best comment: Weird superhero ads persist. I remember the Ninja Turtles hocking vanilla pudding pies when I was a kid. "Fresh from the sewer to you!" — Kevin

Our story: 5 more awesome Star Wars paper snowflakes you can make yourself

Your best comment: Six and seven are impressive. I say six is the best. What do you think? Do you agree with me? Do you have what it takes to judge these snowflakes? If you ever want to get a job judging snowflakes, here is your chance to start training yourself. So, judge, and tell me what your favorite snowflake is. — Challenger

Our story: Concept art shows that Bane's mask could have been a lot worse

Your best comment: "Do you think Christopher Nolan chose the right design?" Lords no!!

None of these were the correct design, and the one in the film he could have just tossed as well.

In fact, his version of "Bane" could have been left on the cutting room floor. Why ruin a real character? If Nolan's that comfortable with his interpretation why didn't he drop a pair and just create a completely new villian becauset thats what the Bane in the movie was.

I am so tired of people defending that movie. PLEASE actually watch it. It Made No Sense! It was garbage! Bruce Wayne's a crippled recluse, then he's able to fight crime, then Bane breaks his back and he winds up in a prison on the other side of the world and it gets fixed by a POW Chiropractor who punches him in the spine and he's suddenly all better??? That's just a starter. That wasn't a movie. That was a train wreck. — rj

Our story: See the intimidating Huntress kick ass in 5 new Arrow pics

Your best comment: "See the intimidating Huntress kick b#@@ in 5 new Arrow pics????" How are pics show the Huntress kicks b$#@??!! Why is she "intimidating?" How about, "Five pics of The Huntress trying to look menacing except for the one pic where she is knocked out and Arrow has to carry her... overlook that one, please." Do not get me wrong, I am enjoying the show, but Deathstroke looked too much like Bane in the Batman/Robin movie with Clooney, and Deathstroke is one of my top two villains in all comicdom, so it was a HUGE disappointment, to say the least. Deathstroke is NOT Bane, nor should he have looked so muscular. Oh, well, I have a feeling the writers will only get better, and I am okay with the ingenuity they are doing with non-powered villains (except for Deathstroke, no reason to do that to him)and heroes, so sit back and enjoy. — SuperDad

Our story: Katee Sackhoff blames Riddick's R-rating on side boob + F-bombs

Your best comment: There will be plenty of junior high mentality boy-men who will think yippee we get to see naked girls. I have never seen a movie with a crappy story that has been improved by nudity or profanity nor a good movie that needed extra nude scenes or cuss-words.

Too many movies take viewers out of the story by inserting nudity and sex scenes. Numerous times I have heard fellow movie-watchers make interrupting comments when they see a flash of skin.

The vast majority of great sci-fi films have no nudity and those that do could have the scenes excised and the greatness would be affected not one bit. — Just Sayin

Our story: Image of the Day: Can you ID all 52 of these famous sci-fi weapons?

Your best comment: Since when was "No Country for Old Men" scifi? That is Anton Chigurh's captive bolt pistol with the air tank, right? — ummm

Our story: Holy $#@!--did Curiosity just find evidence of life on Mars?

Your best comment: They probably found hopeful indications of a trace amount of chemical that under the right circumstances could possibly be evidence of signs of life.

Or they found the secret formula for Coke tattooed on Jimmy Hoffa's remains which are inside Amealia Earhart's airplane. — Gus

Our story: Check out 1st pics from Syfy's new giant robot fighting series

Your best comment: That's a little pathetic. They look more like life size Rock'em Sock'em Robots. They're not even wireless, they have sticks up their arse which I'm sure supplies the power and control cables, so they are really just animatronic puppets. I bet the whole thing looks like two dweebs slap fighting. — Dacron

Our story: The salt vampire rules in 4 retro Star Trek: TOS posters

Your best comment: The Morton Salt Girl could clean his clock, & punch his iodization out, hands down! Wouldn't even need garlic! — TheEyesHaveIt

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