Hot & Best: Sexy + horrific cosplayers, Lucas + Disney, & more!

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments mashes up the wonderful with the wonderful, such as: sexy + horrific cosplayers, Disney + Lucasfilm, BSG hotties + charity calendar, and cats + Halloween. Also, the countdown begins for The Hobbit and A Game of Thrones! (I'm a grown man, but I might've just "squee'd" a little. Forgive me.) Click through now for the best in + action!

Our story: 25 creepy cosplayers who should be horrific but are sexy instead

Your best comment: They look dead. They look hot. At what point did I become a necrophiliac? — Pablo

Our story: See Harrison Ford + 18 more sci-fi celebs in Halloween costumes

Your best comment: Does Alan Cumming ever NOT look super creepy? — Jon Fine

Our story: Wish upon a Death Star: 21 hilarious Star Wars/Disney mash-ups

Your best comment: Just imagining The Gungunteer Club in those floppy earred hats singing J-A-R! J-A-R! B-I-N-K-S! — Kerry

Our story: 22 of the snarkiest tweets about the Star Wars/Disney deal

Your best comment: Why, exactly, is everyone so upset? Disney bought out Marvel in 2009, their movies have only gone uphill. According to popular opinion, it seems like it couldn't be much worse than the prequels. Disney's not stupid, they know how to make good movies. — TheGman

Our story: 14 annoying horror movie victims we were actually glad to see die

Your best comment: Hudson may have been a whiner, but he went out like a consummate professional. Much like the same character in cop clothes he played in Predator II. And as you'll see in the yet to be released director's cut finale to Big Love when his character goes down two fisting a pair of AK-47s against a Blackwater hit team, not sure when it's getting released. — Pointer Obvious

Our story: 13 of the most convoluted sci-fi flicks to ever blow our minds

Your best comment: Pi. That thing always gave me a headache after watching it. — jdsandara

Our story: Battlestar's Helfer and Sackhoff team up for sexy charity calendar

Your best comment: So say we all. — CrazyOkie

Our story: Get ready to celebrate National Cat Day with 21 sci-fi felines!

Your best comment: I did noice a similar theme kind of going thru all the pictures... Pretty much all the cats have a look that says, "I am sooooooo gonna throw up a hairball in your choes when you're not watching".... — Sardonicus Rex

Our story: 9 over-the-top horror films so disgusting that they got banned

Your best comment: Your list shows how much society norms change as people's social norms change. "Freaks" repulsed people in the theaters in the 30s, but to today's viewers it seems tame. There were stories of people throwing up after watching "The Exorcist", but in 2012, most people can get thru the whole movie and not lose their lunch. In short, what grossed out your great grandfather in the neighborhood movie house most likely not have the same effect in today multiplex. — Capt. Paul

Our story: See the new Hannibal Lecter in 9 disturbing (and bloody) pics

Your best comment: Csi Hannibal. — Csi

Our story: Oliver battles the reimagined Royal Flush Gang in 5 new Arrow pics

Your best comment: Well, given the more grounded-in-reality aspect of 'ARROW', it certainly makes better tactical sense for The Royal Flush Gang to wear plain clothes until the critical moment of commitment for their robberies.

It`s a lot more believeable that a gang could walk towards a bank with guns and masks hidden under regular clothing, than to see them walking towards a bank entrance clothed head-to-toe in bright red & white playing card-motiff costumes...

I mean, who on the street WOULDN`T be calling 911 to report 'another robbery by those bizarre costumed bandits' before the gang even entered the bank?? — EDGE

Our story: Can't wait for The Hobbit? Check these 15 awesome character posters

Your best comment: I was hoping for Smaug. 6 weeks feels 7 weeks too long. — Mechagamera

Our story: New set pics offer 1st look at 2 pivotal Thrones characters

Your best comment: It's definitely a bummer that the character has been made more boring by making him look more Western. The appeal of seeing a book made into a film or TV series is to get to see the things that you've read about and visualized brought to life. To have too many things changed by a producer who's probably less a fan of the material and more concerned with processing network "notes" is just annoying. — Redderbeard

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