Hot & Best: Sexy cosplay pics, SF wedding rings & Coulson lives!

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Dec 17, 2012

If you're looking for us to convince you to click on this story, consider these choice words: Sexy cosplayers, geek wedding rings, sci-fi Halloween pumpkins, a kick-ass LEGO Batcave, Elijah Wood as Frodo, Doctor Who's hog, and Agent Coulson lives. If you haven't yet click on this week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments yet, then you're likely a zombie. Best defend yourself, as someone will likely come by to brain you shortly.

Our story: 33 startling, sexy and strange cosplay pics from NY Comic Con

Your best comment: Dr. Manhattan didn't wear diapers. He just let it all hang out. Engineers, being advanced space people, invented the ultimate form of space suit for traveling to ancient worlds and committing random acts of unnecessary suicide...cloth diapers. this is a costume for men who want to show off their physique, but also dress like an incontinent giant baby at the same time.— Clyde M

Our story: Celebrate geek love with these 23 awesome sci-fi wedding rings

Your best comment: Honestly? I'm the first to notice that there is no wedding-ring version of the most-obvious subject: the One Ring?— Eridani60

Our story: 20 horrifying, hilarious Halloween T-shirts better than costumes

Your best comment: I see someone's already wearing their sadsack costume.— captainwhat

Our story: 11 zombies it hurt to kill because we loved them so much

Your best comment: Thanks to I am legend, I'll never listen to three little birds, quite the same ever again.— John

Our story: Visit the set of Syfy's Defiance with 16 revealing new pics

Your best comment: I generally hate all post apocalyptic sets. Looks like you're shooting in a junkyard. I can drive to the edge of town and see that. This is SCIFI! I would rather see rebuilt cities -- wondrous things! That was the one thing the Priest did correctly. Only good thing about the movie. — Jeffrey

Our story: Batman, Iron Man + 22 more superhero-carved Halloween pumpkins

Your best comment: The carvings are pretty cool, but what really impressed me is the carvings which were able to have different shading tones like in the Loki carving.— SciFi Fan

Our story: 5 new set pics reveal Robocop reboot's awesome robo-bike

Your best comment: Does he keep the 'Robo-Bike' in 'The Robo-Cave' alongside 'The Robo-Car' and 'The Robo-Plane'...?
If so, then this Robo-Reboot is starting to Robo-Me the wrong way.

For The Answers To This And Other Robo-Questions;
Tune In Next Week, Same Robo-Time, Same Robo-Channel!— EDGE

Our story: This 100-pound, 20,000-LEGO brick Batcave took 800 hours to build

Your best comment: I hope they glued it all together, or there is going to be some serious swearing going on when it falls off the table.— Matt Boardman

Our story: 1st official look at Elijah Wood's return as Frodo in The Hobbit

Your best comment: Asking if fans are excited about the opening of "The Hobbit" is like asking a child if he/she is excited on Christmas morning.


Our story: 8 new Who set pics spotlight the Time Lord's motorcycle chase

Your best comment: I never thought Matt Smith's hair would fit under a bike helmet.— Raw1980

Our story: Star Trek's Nana Visitor shares the dark problem that hurt DS9

Your best comment: Maybe I'm a weird Trek fan but I don't hold any of the shows, the original, Next Gen, DS9, Voyager or Enterprise as being better than the others. They're all different views of a very big universe has always been my take. Not surprisingly it allows me to accept the craftsmanship of each without taking away from the others. Ds9 was rooted around not Starship life, but how the actual people of that future exist on the edges of exploration. Not everyone who's out there is going to live on a Starship, not everyone out there is going to have issues which, we come in, fix and move on, which is the nature of a Starship based show. In this DS9 was very unique showing us that when you're not moving around all the time in the universe the day to day, month to month issues become much more nuanced. Sure it's a show so it has to be episodic but they balanced fan needs, episodic tv and that kind of space frontier in a technologically advanced society with differing cultures very well.

It was never bad - it was just different. I see a lot of people compare it to Babylon5 and I can see that also, but it very definitely had it's own take on those same societal and cultural issues so I didn't see it as a competitor or a rehash so much as the difference between being able to see how people in New York live versus people in Seattle, or London as opposed to Madrid. It's a view of peoples and cultures is all. Both were well done, both had their positives and negatives. — rj

Our story: Major news about Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series: Coulson lives!

Your best comment: Agreed. In an era where even the old "Only Bucky stays dead" mantra doesn't hold anymore, I think it would be so refreshing just to let someone die. I am reminded of how Spock's beautiful death was ruined by his obligatory, convention-riddled comeback in the Search for Spock. Here's an idea: if you want to use a character again, don't kill them off in the first place.— Sam

Our story: Didn't like the last two Matrix movies? Lana Wachowski knows why

Your best comment: Reminds me of a friend who insisted the only reason people didn't like the 2nd and 3rd films was because they "didn't understand them", to which I always replied that I understood them perfectly, they were just terrible movies. — Shane

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