Hot & Best: Sexy costumes, Iron Man 3, Arrow, Hobbits & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

It's starting to get spooky out there, kids! -- as evidenced by the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. This week we spy sexy (sexist) costumes, donate time to horrific Kickstarter campaigns and see a very casual Alien. Also: The latest news from The Walking Dead, Iron Man 3, Arrow, The Hobbit and more! Boo. BOO. BOO!

Our story: 10 sci-fi Halloween costumes and their sexist female counterparts

Your best comment: If the Transformers in the movies looked like the "sexy Optimus Prime" in the article's photo gallery, I would of stood in line several times to see it. She is defiantly "more than meets the eye".— Capt. Paul

Our story: 12 most annoyingly useless horror movie authority figures

Your best comment: Loomis useless? That's an amazing statement. I think you need to go back and watch the movies again Ms. Stark. He wanted to keep Myers locked up for life and once he escaped (through no fault of Loomis') Loomis was very proactive. He saved Jaimie Curtis and her characters' daughter and was willing to sacrifice his life to do so. True his obsession did make him somewhat crazy himself by the later sequels, but he was written that way.— veritas

Our story: 10 rare behind-the-scenes shots of the alien from Alien

Your best comment: I love the picture of the Alien sitting on a box. He looks so depressed. You almost feel sorry for him. — Raw1980

Our story: 13 horrific Kickstarter projects you can help fund before Halloween

Your best comment: My favorite Kickstarter project actually reached it's goal a few weeks ago. It's the web comic (now to be a physical graphic novel) Ultrasylvania. It's a serious drama set in an alternate steampunk-ish nineteenth century in which Count Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and The mummy each rule about a third of the known world and it deals with their political intrigues, personal issues and conspiracies. It's a surprisingly fresh take on the classic monsters.— Amanda

Our story: Chomp down on 23 awesomely revolting zombie comic book covers

Your best comment: I can honestly say that the idea of a zombie girl in a bikini would have never occurred to me.— fontayorooney73

Our story: 8 horror movies inspired by Native American myths and legends

Your best comment: I strongly suggest that a certain authors stories be considered strongly for movie making, as they are quite...spooky and downright frightening. Owl Goingback; an actual Native American, who writes horror novels, (also children's books) but not both rolled into one! any way he wrote a book that to this day I think I will read only with a reliable light source and under the protection of some covers (covers protect you dontcha know?!) Its called Darker than Night, it centers around this old lady's home which something mysterious happens and the occupant dies, along comes a relative who inherits the house and what else, moves right in. Things go ok for a few days then suddenly..bad things happen and the Kochina Dolls his grandmother kept in the house keep turning inwards no matter how many times turned out. That's when it gets scary, I was reading this book when the power unexpectedly went out down at the Beach house of my mother, I screamed! I think this book would make a much better Horror movie then the ones they have today by far! Slash and gore is not horrifying, unless you come to the realization you sat through it! — LadyBloodClaw

Our story: Beetlejuice, Slimer + 9 more goofy ghosts from horror films and TV

Your best comment: How did they miss Large Marge from Pee Wee's Big Adventure ?— Beau Shane

Our story: The Hobbit rules them all with these 5 new stunning mag covers

Your best comment: I was thinking Gollum looks like he's starring in a recruitment poster - 'Mordor needs you' sort of thing— 57thkafka

Our story: The CW just gave Arrow star Stephen Amell a reason to love Monday

Your best comment: It is a good show so far. Amell is doing a good job, and he'll learn to control his killing rage in time. The storyline about his mother setting up his father to die is intriguing. I agree with Ororo, they should be just straight up and call Ms. Lance Dinah instead of Laurel and call Starling City Star City. I can't believe I'm watching this instead of Survivor after all these years but I'm willing to give this a chance. Just don't screw it up.— cv

Our story: The Walking Dead just skipped a controversial comic story line

Your best comment: THIS was the controversial piece of the story line that they skipped?


When I saw the headline I thought it was going to be about the two preteen girls getting beheaded by one of the prisoners that got skipped. I would think a 6 and an 8-year-old child being beheaded would be the far more controversial point than simply mentioning that two men in prison were gay. I guess that's pretty telling as two what really is at the top of the American peoples list of bad things.— Alexander

Our story: Look which X-Man's just been confirmed to cameo in The Wolverine

Your best comment: It'll be nice having her back. I've missed her and thought X3 was a bad way to end her story. I'm wary of how they'll explain why they don't know each other in X-Men, though. I mean, if they just encountered each other for a quick moment, it's not like they'd necessarily remember every single person they meet. Xavier and Magneto apparently didn't remember Logan even after researching and looking him up back in the 60s. — ScorpyX

Our story: What NOT to expect from Iron Man 3's Mandarin and those ten rings

Your best comment: My guess is the rings are symbolic. Part of a myth the Madarin has built around himself to make him seem more "otherwordly" to his enemies than he actually is. And let's not forget that "The Ten Rings" was also the name of the terrorist organization that kidnapped Stark in Iron Man 1. I'm expecting a connection to those guys too.— hyperwraith7