Hot & Best: Halloween ideas, TV psychos, White Walkers & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

We're still weeks away from the scariest night of the year, and yet spooky crap is already happening. This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments shows off some of it, including 25 outstanding Halloween costumes, 12 TV psychos, Marvel's big re-do, zombie-killing weapons, the Jurassic Park 4 abominations, non-Lovecraft Lovecraft stories, a new Munsters, Thrones' White Walkers and more!

Our story: Gruesome Halloween costume ideas from 25 terrifying cosplayers

Your best comment: Advanced scientific bioengineering geniuses in diapers are far more funny than terrifying.— Clyde M

Our story: 12 deadly TV psychos we should hate (but secretly love)

Your best comment: Never considered Shane a psycho. Just a guy on survival mode who made some bad decisions. What I saw in Shane was how I think a lot of us would actually do in the same situation. Everyone wants to think they'd be like Rick, but in reality most would be like Shane. — mmabri

Our story: Here's what we know about Marvel's company-wide comics relaunch

Your best comment: Wolverine must not be using his secret multiple man/time travel mutant power very much in the new series. I'm only counting him on the cover of 6 out of 20 titles. He must be getting slow in his old age.— Joe

Our story: 11 sci-fi stories that show what goes wrong if you sleep too much

Your best comment: What about nightmare in elm street? They had the ultimate consequence if you slept at all.......Freddy! !— Curtis

Our story: 15 Lovecraftian stories to read once you've read all of Lovecraft

Your best comment: If you're looking for more Lovecraftian graphic novels, check out Brubaker's Fatale. Film noir detective schtick and Lovecraftian elements make for a nice combination.— Joe

Our story: 11 weird zombie-killing weapons that'll destroy the undead with style

Your best comment: What about vinyl LPs from "Shaun of the Dead?" Though, I don't think they technically did any real damage (just funny).— TheTrueBrian

Our story: Check out bizarre concept art from aborted Jurassic Park 4 pitch

Your best comment: I remember this, didn't Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo play a pair of plumbers in it?— reph978

Our story: 14 timeless literary classics mashed up into creepy horror tales

Your best comment: Now if someone would just rewrite the Twilight series with real vampires.— Matthew

Our story: 12 awesome behind-the-scenes pics from original Planet of the Apes

Your best comment: Are you bored with your life? Job getting you down? Not sure where you're heading? All New 'Monkey Face In A Shoebox'. For those times 'Monkey Face In A Can' just can't cut it. — Raw1980

Our story: 1st look at the Silver Samurai's snazzy costume from The Wolverine

Your best comment: You fool! You captured his stunt double!— Julien

Our story: Finally! 1st official look at new Munsters in 11 Mockingbird Lane pics

Your best comment: the Munsters are now dead to me.— wew

Our story: 8 new set pics (and video!) tease upcoming Doctor Who plot details

Your best comment: If the Doc doesn't make his move on her, Capt Jack will.— Beau Shane

Our story: Amazing Thrones concept art gives best look yet at White Walkers

Your best comment: OLD SPICE--for when a sailor comes home from the sea!— TheEyesHaveIt