Hot & Best: SF Mad, zombie-killing ladies & shadowy Mars

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Dec 17, 2012

Strange and wonderful things are afoot, and this week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments is here to prove it. Click through to see 60 years of sci-fi spoofed on Mad, 11 custom geeked-out coffins (for the fan who had it all), kick-ass zombie-killing ladies, a real-life time traveler (note: caveat emptor on this one, folks), Ron Moore discuss new Trek and ... just WTF are those black, spidery things on Mars?

Our story: 60 hilarious sci-fi spoof covers from 60 years of MAD magazine

Your best comment: I love #6, where it has the caption: EXCLUSIVE: SCIENTISTS RELEASE FIRST COMPUTER-WRITTEN JOKE with a hand pointing the the bar code.— Zosolias

Our story: 10 unsettlingly scary movies in which everyone dies at the end

Your best comment: The thing about Cabin in the Woods is that the ending could be used for a sequel of a different genre, like a post-apocalyptic action film. Sort of a "what if Buffy failed and the world was overrun with demons and vampires, etc..." At the end, we see two survivors, there might be more, and since none of the people in the film who knew what might happen if the ritual wasn't carried out correctly were alive when the ancient gods ruled the earth, who knows if the ancient gods would actually kill everyone? How did humans survive the last time the ancient gods were in charge? Short of seeing the world implode in a final shot, there's always a chance for another story in that world. — Joe

Our story: 11 custom coffins perfect for any sci-fi fan's final collectible

Your best comment: Lame. Where's the coffin with a top that looks like me encased in carbonite?— Cavar

Our story: 9 zombie-killing ladies we want on our side during the apocalypse

Your best comment: Points off for including any film by Uwe Boll on this list. There must have been a better option than Ona Grauer to include among Alice, Michonne and the rest of this admittedly awesome group! — Mr. Anderson

Our story: Graffiti Terminator + 12 more amazing geek street art masterpieces

Your best comment: There's another artist like this that I recommend, Spatola Stephane, he has many comic book heroes painted in Gascony, and his batman (Dark Knight version) is to die for! — Lisa Lyons

Our story: Which of these 5 women will be Captain America's new leading lady?

Your best comment: With a name like "Poots" it has to be good!— Gaval

Our story: 12 movie and TV haunted houses we wouldn't mind moving into

Your best comment: What about Hogwarts? It has ghosts living in it, so its technically haunted. And who wouldn't want to go there?— MikeW

Our story: Iron Man 3 set pics show new Iron Patriot armor in all its glory

Your best comment: Wow, those two suits standing side-by-side look like $30M in new toy sales just waiting to happen.— Hasbro

Our story: Guy claims he traveled through time as part of gov't experiment

Your best comment: Time travel backward is impossible. Don't you remember the Langoliers? They eat time as soon as you live it. — CRiley65

Our story: 8 undead animals prove reanimation ain't always such a good idea

Your best comment: How about the zombie tiger from "Zombie Apocalypse" starring Ving Rhames? That was even a SyFy Channel movie.— Harold

Our story: Ron Moore explains what it would take to make a new Trek TV series

Your best comment: Mr. Moore is spot on. The question of the hour is whether or not present-day audiences would be receptive to that kind of allegory/social commentary or anything beyond "BLOW **** UP". I hope the answer is yes. Incidentally TOS held on by a ratings thread through most of its run and would have likely been cancelled much sooner in today's competitive world (probably 3 episodes had it been on FOX).— Randumb Thots

Our story: Avengers concept art reveals a truly menacing Thanos

Your best comment: Anyone else thinking Ron Perlman?? — Rich

Our story: Bizarre spider-like thingies on Mars perplex scientists

Your best comment: Definitely "Shadows" from Babylon 5. Creepy. — Jason