Hot & Best: A week of cute, unsettling, fun, new & awesome pics!

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Dec 17, 2012

Feast your eyes on the visual awesomeness that is this week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Herein we serve up (our) pics and (your) words from Thor 2, Fringe, Pacific Rim, Doctor Who and American Horror Story; new Star Wars art (by way of Blade Runner); adorable superhero kids; and ... a casual and candid Godzilla! Get your spork and enjoy!

Our story: 16 classic geek-culture film posters with their original working titles

Your best comment: I think it's important to point out that these are [not] really working titles. "Working title" implies that they actually intended to call the films by these names at one point, early on in production. These are actually code names that studios use to keep a lid on the films to help prevent leaks. — Rubix

Our story: 19 'OMG adorable!' superhero kid silhouettes will make you smile

Your best comment: Well.. the missing one is obviously The Invisible Man.... — PsiHawk

Our story: 6 Thor 2 set pics give intriguing look at The Dark World

Your best comment: Looks like a big chess board with just the rooks on it. — JimD

Our story: 4 gruesome pics reveal unseen FX from deleted Prometheus scene

Your best comment: The LAST thing movies today need are more CGI. Ridley Scott proved it best with Alien that most of the time, less is more. CGI should be used like a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. — Nexus 6

Our story: 7 new pics give 1st look at the cast of Fringe's final season

Your best comment: Blair Brown's outfit looks like a cross between Star Trek the Next Generation and the original Planet of the Apes. — The Village Videot

Our story: See Godzilla dressed as Santa plus 15 more classic kaiju candids

Your best comment: I would not want to be on Santazilla's naughty list. — Alucard56

Our story: Go inside Guillermo del Toro 's Pacific Rim with 4 revealing pics

Your best comment: Stringer Bell meets Jax Teller, all kinds of awesome, LOL — Awesome

Our story: New Doctor Who series 7 posters leaked early!

Your best comment: Wonder if they checked with the Halliwell sisters about that power of 3 thing? — jon crawford

Our story: 10 pics from American Horror Story S2, plus a surprising sci-fi twist

Your best comment: Excellent morning news! You know what the real buzzkill from the gallery of photos is? That maroon 5 guy. — izek

Our story: Get creeped out by 4 unsettling American Horror Story S2 posters

Your best comment: That's what the Internet is for. :) I actually want to try and watch it this time but I am a chicken when it comes to this stuff. My brain just gets overworked and paranoid when subjected to creep-tastic things. — fashiongeek

Our story: Babylon 5 creator returns to TV with a show that could kill us all

Your best comment: "high-octane pandemic thriller that combines closed-ended procedural and serialized elements,". At the risk of sounding dumb.... I have no idea what that meant! — Pierre Jean-Baptiste

Our story: 1st footage from Seth Green's hilarious animated Star Wars comedy

Your best comment: So ... will this be considered canon? — zotster

Our story: Star Wars 1313 art adds a touch of Blade Runner to make awesome

Your best comment: A "touch" of BLADE RUNNER???

I'd say it's a touch of STAR WARS added to BLADE RUNNER . . . .

. . . looks cool. — Greg