Hottest & Best & Beautiful: Thor, WW, Who, Cap & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments brings you all things beautiful. Click through for pics of Thor and his new costume, a western-clad Doctor Who, sexy Vampire Diaries cast, a kick-ass Legend of Zelda room, Avengers #1 art, a failed Wonder Woman ... and Chris Evans' razor-sharp nipples. Also [REDACTED] dies! He's murdered by [REDACTED]!

Our story: 1st look at Chris Hemsworth's new armor on the set of The Dark World

Your best comment: Judging from how physical that scene looks, the armor changes were probably done for practical reasons as to allow more movement in fight scenes. — Blue247

Our story: The Doctor proves cowboys are cool in 32 pics from Who's western ep

Your best comment: I'm looking forward to the episode and seeing Ben Browder again.

What I don't understand is why someone at the BBC felt it was so necessary to use such a heavy hand with photoshop in several of these images. They look more like paintings than photos. — Michael

Our story: New Thor 2 set pics spotlight Sif + The Dark World villains

Your best comment: Love the picture of the Knights Who Say "Ni" -- glad to see they'll be returning to the big screen! — Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Our story: Reunite with the bizarre crew of Red Dwarf X in 11 new cast pics

Your best comment: Say "Penguins like to eat bananas!" if you think this show should never have paused between seasons! — Dillingham

Our story: FALL SCI-FI TV PREVIEW: Your guide to 28 new and canceled shows

Your best comment: Without seeing the pilot, the general premise of Revolution sounds absurd. It's highly improbable there'd be an electrical blackout on a global scale, and I'd think restoring power would be a major priority when it happens. — Linc

Our story: Catch up with Vampire Diaries' S4 cast in 14 sexy new pics

Your best comment: Ho hum...more "sexy" vampires. And here I always thought vampires were supposed to look like Bela Lugosi. — Jorge A. Torres

Our story: 4 awesomely retro posters reinvent iconic Star Trek: TOS episodes

Your best comment: These and the previous set are completely fantastic! Unfortunately I don't have the wall space or the wallet for the eventually complete set of 80. I hope when it's all done he puts them together in a coffee table type book. THAT I could afford and have a place for. — Emilio Largo

Our story: Lucky 18-month-old gets to live in AWESOME Legend of Zelda room

Your best comment: Hey guys! I'm the Dork On A Dime behind this room, and our other creation - the Super Mario Bros Nursery. We want our kids to grow up knowing that they can do anything, be anything, and go anywhere. We also want our generation to know that there are no limits to what you can do in your home - it doesn't have to be the beige walls and boring furniture. Living in your dreamland is possible, even on a tight budget!! XD — Jessica

Our story: Marvel just killed off a MAJOR character in Avengers vs. X-Men

Your best comment: The sad thing is that the "no one really dies" takes the sting out of this. The character will be back after a while depending on when they need him. — David Hansen

Our story: So did you notice the change Whedon made to Fury in The Avengers?

Your best comment: They also changed him from "Colonel Fury" to "Director Fury." — Ancient Tome

Our story: 1st look at 3 stunning pages of Avengers #1 pencil art

Your best comment: Yep. These sketches are awesome - really shows off the talent and skill of the artist. I like raw sketches even more than the polished, finished work. It leaves more to your imagination, feels more organic, and has more of a sense of life and motion. Great work. — marvin

Our story: Whedon knows the 'burning' reason that Wonder Woman pilot failed

Your best comment: I've seen that pilot and it just wasn't good. It had all these needless political things. Like there's a point where she holds a press confrence to say she'll be striking against a supervillian even though she doesn't have any evidence. I'm serious. "I don't have any evidence" is a line in the scene.
What it fell to is what Whedon is saying. You can't just write something in your wheelhouse and then remember to have a super hero fight at the end. That's something you see a lot in comics, some characters more than others, when outside people try to write super hero stuff. I don't want to hear the tragic story of your disfuntional family life that lead you to crime and that's why you're running from the Punisher! Sorry, ranted at the end there. It happens a lot.
— John

Our story: Why Chris Evans is NOT looking forward to Captain America 2

Your best comment: Look at the guy behind him, looks like he is checking Evans out — JustMe