Hottest & Best: Hobbits and Thors and Winchesters, oh my!

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Dec 17, 2012

Flex! This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments hulk-out with pics and shots of great, kick-ass heroes, like Rick (and Walking Dead buddies), Thor (and Thor's stunt-butt), Thorin Oakenshield (and company), the Arrow (we're all a-quiver!), the Winchester brothers (with the family truckster), and, er ... Kick-ass. Added bonus: Fringe's Olivia and Who's Ponds!

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Your best comment: I see Mark Sheppard is back as Crowley, who in my opinion is one of the best characters they've written the snappiest dialogue for. And Mark does an excellent job of chewing the scenes. — klybourn0800

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Your best comment: Worst place to live - The Day After (mini series 1983) - just slowly waiting to die from the fallout...that sucks.
Not so bad animated - Thundarr the Barbarian - Let me find a sun sword and I'm all over it!
Not so bad overall - Logan's Run (tv series) - your out in the woods, gotta robot (Ren) and a foxy lady named Jessica with you and the occasional Sandman trying to kill you...I've had worse trying to drive through parts of Oakland..
— Bryan

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Your best comment: I like how they are all uniquely different, but with gloin you get the sense that gimli has been passed down something from generation to generation. similar armor and weaponry and overall look. — Nels

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Your best comment: I hate it when these terrific, quirky side-characters get noticed like this, the writers then start making that character the star of the show and everybody else gets sidelined. It's lazy writing and storytelling and often ruins the character. — freree

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Your best comment: In fairness though, who doesn't want to see The Doctor being chased by a bunch of Daleks to the Benny Hill theme music. — Raw1980

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Your best comment: Seems to be a very well lit planet for one named Dark World — tekkblade

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Your best comment: I'm still not sure that "The Hobbit" has enough in it to support three movies without turning it into something that isn't "The Hobbit" at all. — Jaxx

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Your best comment: Here's to hoping Lori's fate in the show matches what came to her in the comics. — Josh

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Your best comment: I'd prefer a movie were the protagonist and hero doesn't have a costume or any powers. Instead, the film would focus on his inner demons while he spends the day working on a P&L in a cubicle. It would be directed by Nolan and contain a soundtrack of nothing but Vivaldi. — Desdran

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Your best comment: When I teach "Beowulf" and other Anglo-Saxon works to my college students, I show clips from "The Two Towers." It is a much better representation of this literature than the many failed attempts at bringing "Beowulf" to the screen. — Maximus

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Your best comment: I will check this out but I am just not digging this actor they got, he has the d-bag thing going too much. — Mykl

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Your best comment: Olivia's fate remains intact. She is the sexiest woman in every universe. — David Langley

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Your best comment: So he doesn't want anyone to retcon his retcon, because he hates retcons. — MWolverine