Hot & Best: Princess Bride, Fringe, Evangeline Lilly, 666 & more!

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Dec 17, 2012

This week's installment of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments is a celebration of awesome! The Princess Bride turns 25, Trek offers trivia and Walking Dead, Fringe and 666 shows sneak peeks. Also ... Evangeline Lilly shows her elfish side, and an Asgardian falls! (However, if you just want to see Hugh Jackman's impressively ripped abs, click through.)

Our story: 11 reasons we still love The Princess Bride 25 years later

Your best comment: I'm too young to have seen The Princess Bride when it was released, but recently my local theater decided to reshow it. The theater was packed, everyone was quoting famous (and not so famous) lines, and every person was laughing throughout the movie. It's rare to see a film that was welcoming for all ages and could still be enjoyed many years after its release. I love this film and to be able to see on the big screen, surrounded by fans, was an amazing experience. — Amanda

Our story: 25 facts about Star Trek: The Next Generation you might not know

Your best comment: Picard in speedos now confirms it is very cold in space. — Kraven

Our story: 11 comic book characters we wish could occupy the White House

Your best comment: Since I live in one the "square states in the middle of the country" currently being bombarded with attack ads from two presidential candidates neither of whom can be described in any way shape or form as "no-nonsense straight shooters," I would think that Ben Grimm's chances in this state would seem slim, albeit refreshing. Moreover, the right wing portion of the electorate, in this state and the entire country, would have a tough time over both Ben's religion AND his color. — The Village Videot

Our story: Check out 10 haunting pics from Walking Dead's S3 premiere

Your best comment: I'm going be so psyched for this season as I think it'll be a massive turning point for one character in particular; Carl. Gone are the days of "Carl, get in the house." and Carl not listening. Now it'll be "Carl, get in the prison." and Carl not listening. — Raw1980

Our story: 7 new Fringe character portraits hint at S5's dark future

Your best comment: In the future, one man will wear a suit in defiance of The Observers dressed down fashion edict. That's the only hint I see here. — Pointer Obvious

Our story: 13 kick-ass time travelers who had what it took to change the past

Your best comment: Dude, gotta add the Wyld Stallyns into that team. — WILL DLF

Our story: The 100 photos being sent into space to explain us to aliens

Your best comment: They need to add in something that says we are not tasty and make poor work slaves. — ZP International

Our story: Meet 666 Park Avenue's devilish residents in 18 atmospheric pics

Your best comment: If you have to put 666 in your title, you are already trying too hard. — Bear

Our story: Time travel through the Wachowskis' Cloud Atlas in 7 epic posters

Your best comment: Well i've seen the trailer for this and to be honest i'd rather watch Battlefield Earth again. — Kirks Hair Piece

Our story: Hugh Jackman is shredded in 1st official pic from The Wolverine

Your best comment: Geez, I think his six-pack has a six-pack. — C to the J

Our story: 1st tantalizing look at Evangeline Lilly as an elf in The Hobbit

Your best comment: My biggest problem with her character is the supposed romance she'll have with one of the Dwarves Bilbo is traveling with... I really wish PJ wouldn't go there because Elves and Dwarves do not get along and it may cheapen the extraordinary friendship between Legolas and Gimli in the LOTR! — LOTR Fan

Our story: Thor 2 co-star hospitalized after suffering 'horrible injury' on set

Your best comment: There's been an increase in media coverage of what normally happens on movie sets lately, if that's what you mean. 10, 20 years ago? You just didn't hear much about EVERY stage of EVERY movie's development and production. Stars didn't "tweet" daily about every incident in their personal or professional lives. There are probably far fewer accidents and injuries on movie sets than ever before, but there is still more coverage of those accidents and injuries and it gives the false impression that is likely counter to the reality of the situation. — Clyde M

Our story: Did LEGO just reveal Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 spoilers?

Your best comment: I'm looking forward to the Superman at the Laundromat Washing his Tights set.... — Rich

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